Sunday, January 13, 2013

Where is Ian Burnet Now ?

This was Ian Burnet, a year ago

Also taken a year ago, just before his disappearance.

He may appear younger than his 23 years.

  A year ago, the imaginations and concerns of everyone from parents to college students themselves were taken up by the mysterious sudden disappearance of Ian Burnet.     Ian Burnet had absolutely everything going for him. He has a devoted mother and father, a loving older brother, and friends who love him.  He has extended family and a church group who would move Heaven and Earth for him.
He was academically successful in high school and was one semester shy of completing a degree in a computer related major, on full scholarship at Virginia Commonwealth University.  Ian also had the distinction of being one of the students who had a job lined up, that he had already reported to, before he received his degree.
              He took a brief trip with friends to New York City for the post Christmas New Year's Eve holiday, and has disappeared without a trace.  To most of us with children this age, this is a horror beyond our imagining.  Yes, although I have personally lost a child, I was there. I know what happened to my son, and I was there for him and with him.   Not to know where he is or if he needs help must be beyond imagining.
              It has been one year since the disappearance of Ian Burnet.   Someone must know something or may have seen him since.  Once again, please revisit these pictures and think.  Ian is slight and may appear to be younger than his years.  His appearance may have changed.

               With all the people who log on to this blog from all over the world perhaps you have seen him.
If you have, and you are international, then please contact Interpol in your country, and tell them you have seen Ian, who is the subject of a Missing Person's Search in the US.

 Ian Burnet is described as 5-foot-8 and weighing 131 pounds. He has green eyes and curly dark brown hair.

Interpol Contact Information :

 If you are within the US, then please contact  :
The New York City Police Department at 212-690-8811.

Anyone with information on his whereabouts is asked to call the New Kent Sheriff's Office at (804) 966-9500.

Their website:

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JaneofVirginia said...

Thank you to those who have contacted us and speculated. Anything factual is passed along to Ian's parents. However, anything speculative, I have chosen not to post here, as his family does occasionally make their way to this blog. Please pray for Ian, and for his family. Thank you.