Thursday, January 28, 2021

Survival Under a New Regime





    In November, many Americans were upset at what we perceived as widespread voter fraud that would impact not only our local elections but our presidential one as well.  Our European friends kept telling us that we were all mistaken while Democrats called us crazy. Some of us were blocked on Twitter, or Facebook, and even on Linkedin. President Trump's team filed numerous lawsuits many of which the Supreme Court refused to hear.

                 Since this lawsuit was filed by a group other than President Trump's people, it actually got heard. The results are clear.  The last minute changes to Virginia election law in 2020, were illegal.  This is likely also true for other states where similar lawsuits remain pending.


                As a result of numerous documented events of voter fraud in many states in this nation, the United States no longer has free and fair elections. This is true no matter what any other cursory or sloppy visiting body has had to say.  We now hold the distinction of being the first Banana Republic within North America.  Not only do we have an illegitimate regime holding the reins, but we also have a technology war raging.  Tech giants Twitter, Facebook with their children Instagram and Whatsapp have been blocking and removing those whose perspectives do not reflect their own, and they have done so mercilessly. I left these providers, finding a happy home in groups called Minds, Gab, Parler, and for a time in MeWe.  A short time after, Parler left the internet, as other high tech giants found a means by which to drop the lease for their servers. They are still looking for a way back. It is therefore becoming much more difficult to dissent, even politely online in the United States.

             During such times, what can normal people do ?

1.  Be clear on what you believe. I know that  I believe in free speech, freedom of movement for Americans within their own country. I do believe in the right of Americans without prior convictions to own firearms. I believe that we should be permitted to own property, and that there should be rights that convey with those properties. I believe in the US Constitution.  I do not believe in violence as a way of securing any of our rights. Although I believe that we have a responsibility to our nation, I do not believe that such responsibilities include violent uprising.  I do however, believe in self defense, particularly on one's own property.  I have given a sampling here of my beliefs, but you must be very clear on your own from here on out, and not allow yourself to be goaded into actions which open yourself to prosecution.

2. If you haven't already, move to a place with fewer people. With fewer people, people value their contacts and work to protect each other and they prevail against hard times.

3. Don't buy things you don't need. Keep a list. Buy nothing on impulse.

4. Find support with the like minded either online or in person.  Be careful here. Do not allow yourself to become distracted from the task of continuing to care for yourself and your family in the long term. Do not allow your energies to be diverted in the tasks of others or for those who may actually be domestic terrorists.

5. Our task is to out survive the present regime.

6. Please consider getting a Ham radio and license so that operation is legal.


7.  Lastly, for those of you who are new to this site, there are ten years of posts which discuss varietal aspects of preparedness and survivalism.  You can either search by subject, or you can simply click on "Older Posts" and read them as you go.  This would probably be a good time to do so.

In The Short Term, We Play The Cards We Are Dealt With; In The Medium Term, We Reshuffle The Deck; In The Long Term, We Change The Game... - Mark Carney