Monday, August 28, 2017

North Korean Aggression Continues

Photo EPA

           In Japan and in North and South Korea, and in Far Eastern Russia, it is already tomorrow. This is why the news outlets from that part of the world are announcing that Kim Jong-un has sent a long range missile over Japan on August 29th, 2017.  This missile landed in waters nearest Hokkaido.

                 North Korea's nutty little dictator is doing all he can to drag his country into a fight to the death with other nations where there can be no winners on any side.  Kim Jong-un has killed uncles. He is responsible for ordering the killing of his half brother using VX nerve agent wiped on his face in a public airport. He has imprisoned three generations of families in work camps and starved them until they die. We might never know what he did to Otto Warmbier.

                 If there is a war on the Korean peninsula then there will be only losers.  The losers will be the people of North Korea who will know starvation even worse than now, and atrocities. The people of South Korea will no doubt be bombed by their northern neighbors. The people of Japan may be recipients of bombs or even VX nerve agent. The people of Vladivostok, Russia are just forty miles from N. Korea, and a war just forty miles away will impact them, at the very least through refugees, the potentially through bombing errors. No doubt Russian troops will be moved to Vladivostok, not just the border or Primorskiy Krai. The people of China will also be adversely impacted by a war on the Russian peninsula. The people of Guam, Alaska, or the western coast of the US may be impacted, and it is possible that people anywhere in the US could be impacted by N Korea's madman.

               I ask China and Russia to intervene in any way possible. Surely you both have more to lose with a madman on your doorstep.  The US, will have to defend its allies and itself if necessary.

               I pray to God almighty to slow the collision course of this confrontation.

              If you are a person on Earth, I want you to consider for a moment what a World War III would look like in terms of your home life, your health care, your job and the futures of your family. Please make whatever reasonable preparations are necessary, and then pray to God to alter the course of this coming collision.