Friday, February 2, 2018

The Rational Preparedness Movement: A 30 Year Old Brainchild of Jane-Alexandra Krehbiel


Jane-Alexandra Krehbiel,   Author of Rational Preparedness:The Blog and Rational Preparedness:A Primer to Preparedness, 2012

          I came to preparedness in 1981, the result of graduating with a new nursing degree and then passing licensure as a registered nurse. At the time, registered nurses needed to start discharge planning from the time a patient was admitted to the hospital. Part of discharge planning was how such a patient, on discharge would survive a normal emergency.  For example, if a patient with ALS went home on a portable ventilator, how would he survive either a failure of the ventilator, a power outage, or other emergency. Before a patient with a long term care or equipment need could be discharged, this type of emergency planning needed to be completed. This type of planning also needed to be done on new diabetics, those with special dietary needs, etc.  Today, hospitals are no longer staffed so that this level of preparation can be done before discharge. Today, it is more often done by the employees of a medical supply equipment company, the patient's family, or even the nurse at their primary care physician. Sometimes, disaster planning for a newly discharged medically dependent patient isn't done at all.  This was my first introduction to disaster preparedness.
                    In other positions I had afterward, other nurses and staff knew that post discharge disaster planning for patients was an interest of mine, and so I did a fair bit of it. After awhile, I created post discharge templates for different disease processes or for different equipment needs.
                    The fact is that we all need to make reasonable plans for normal disasters. Depending upon the location in which we live, ice storms, snowstorms, protracted power outages, flooding, earthquakes, forest fires are all possibilities, for all people, as well as those with a medical issue.
                     In the 1980s, I also became aware, through a patient family, that there were fairly large numbers of people who were preparing for an interruption in normal society where they believed that they would need to function for months or even longer without the benefits of normal society.  Some of them were stockpiling food for seven years or more.
                     The problem is that although preparing for normal and reasonable disasters is an intelligent thing to do, particularly if you have a vulnerable medication or machine dependent family member. However, diverting large sums of your income to seven to ten years of food, saps money from the present day. It also takes money from your relative who might have a limited lifespan on Earth anyway.
                     It was at this time that the Rational Preparedness movement was born.  My plan for Rational Preparedness, is that people make reasonable plans for the reasonable types of disasters that are most likely to occur within the next ten to fifteen years or so.  It is not possible, or even financially expedient for most families to make disaster plans for all of the possibilities.  My point was that purchasing gas masks for your children, and a pair of night vision googles for yourself, means that your children might not have the funds and opportunities that allow them to excel within the world as it exists today.
                   Therefore, my contribution to the preparedness community was the concept of Rational Preparedness.  This means that each family should prepare for reasonable disasters that are most possible in the area in which one's family is living.  Each family should make plans to "Shelter in Place" or "Evacuate Family" (including pets).  Most every disaster will fall into either the category of sheltering in place or evacuation of family.  If course, when people with medical issues, children, pets, farms or other issues consider this concept, it becomes more complicated.  A diabetic child requires more supplies during an evacuation than a child without medical issues.  Sheltering in place with a great grandparent who normally gets pharmacy supplies each week could be challenging when the power distribution and roadways are impaired for a time for some reason.
                    In 2011, I agreed to do a series of podcasts, using the name Rational Preparedness. The series was well received.   I also began the blog Rational Preparedness, so that listeners could find not only a synopsis of the broadcast, but urls for the information I may have quoted or for suppliers for helpful items with regard to preparedness, both medical and otherwise. 

                   Please know that in the years that both the blog and the book have existed, that I have never advertised anything that I have not personally used or can endorse fully.  Unlike my copycats, I do not receive monies to endorse any preparedness or medical products whatsoever.

                    In 2012, my book, Rational Preparedness:A Primer to Preparedness was released.  The concept of the book is that it would introduce families who did not have a prior history of knowledge with regard to the topic,not only an introduction for the need to make advance preparations for disasters, but to read the book quickly, and to begin a solid framework of family disaster planning within the space of one weekend.
              Since the release of the book, work on the blog has continued. Rational Preparedness:The Blog now has more than a thousand votes as a favorite blog within the category of preparedness and survivalism.

               It probably should not surprise me, but at least twice now a US based website, and a facebook group has formed using the name Rational Preparedness, which attempts to capitalize on my thirty years of experience in this field, on my book and on those who have followed me. The website also seeks to sell products and is therefore using the name for which I am known to sell goods that I may not endorse or approve.   I have also been made aware that a foreign source has reproduced and is selling my book, for which I do not receive royalties.

          When seeking reliable information, please make sure that not only the name Rational Preparedness appears, but my name and photograph appears on the work as well.   Rational Preparedness: the blog and Rational Preparedness, the book, are both fully copywritten materials and the use of these intellectual properties without permission is a violation of United States copyright law. 

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Saturday, December 16, 2017

On Safety in Secluded Areas

Bethany Ann  Stevens,   Facebook, with one of her dogs.

                 Bethany Ann Stephens was a twenty-two year old Central Virginia woman who loved horses and dogs. She had worked in animal rescue and was the proud owner of two pitbulls.  This week, Bethany took her dogs for a walk in an area where her grandparents once owned a sprawling farm, and then she didn't return.  Her father went walking the route that she normally used.   The sheriff's office was called and they spent the next night trying to piece together what had happened to Brittany. The county's animal control tranquilized both dogs who were guarding Brittany's body.  A preliminary review by the sheriff's office and the medical examiner are of the opinion that Brittany was attacked and mauled to death by her dogs.  Both dogs will be euthanized, if they haven't been already.

                 Most vets believe that dogs, even those bred and taught to fight, won't become aggressive and attack their masters unless they are attacked and truly frightened. They cite that if Bwthany and her dogs were atacked by coyotes, other dogs, or a human being that the dogs would begin to fight, and they might not stop, and under such circumstances, they could kill their owner.  This is known as an area with coyotes.  Bethany was 5'1" and likely less than 125 lbs, whereas both of her dogs were about 125 lbs. each.

                 If you walk your dogs in a secluded rural area as I do, you might consider being armed while doing so.  I know many people with pitbulls who own gentle, kind animals.  This is certainly a tragedy for the dogs, for Bethany and for her family and friends.

             We send heartfelt condolences to her family and friends during this very difficult time.

More information:

Friday, December 1, 2017

Presenting My Fourth Book: Lawrence DeWolfe Kelsey:The Life of the Explorer

    Effective November 30, 2017, my latest book, the above, was released.    This is the first link I have found where it is for sale:

     My father was an original prepper and an original survivor in a number of harsh and foreign lands. He is no doubt where a lot of my interest and mindset in preparedness is derived.

     Over the next couple of weeks, the distribution for this book will grow.  It should be available around the world electronically in all platforms within the next couple of weeks.

     Thank you for your interest and a special thanks goes out to those who contributed or aided me in some way in this most difficult of my books.


Thursday, November 2, 2017

My Fourth Book Will Be Available This Month

Lawrence DeWolfe Kelsey, taken just before the Finn Ronne Antarctic Expedition

                   Later this month, my fourth book will be available for sale.  It is entitled:

Lawrence DeWolfe Kelsey:
                                  The Life of the Explorer

            This is the true life story of a tenacious human being who started life as a Californian, and later as teen in the Merchant Marine, during WWII. He was aboard ship in Okinawa when bombs dropped on both Hiroshima and on Nagasaki. Then, he departed as a radio officer and technician on the Finn Ronne Antarctic Expedition in the late nineteen-forties. Afterward he took assignments which took him to the Canadian Arctic, and then to Afghanistan with the Fairservis Archaeological Expedition.  He spent five years in Afghanistan before going to university in England. All of this was simply the beginning.
          All the years of his life were spent doing something difficult and challenging in many ways.  This is the story of my own father, who was quite unconventional for his era, and from whom a great deal of my knowledge concerning preparedness and survival is derived.
        I will keep you informed. 

Sunday, October 1, 2017

Crisis in Catalonia

Many in Catalonia wish to secede from Spain.

               Today, the people of Catalonia, an area in the Northeastern Spain which contains Barcelona, beaches of Costa Brava and the Pyrenees mountains, planned to vote for independence from Madrid, and to seceded from the rest of Spain. Madrid has declared such an election, illegal.

                Today, the vote is taking place, and police from Madrid have been sent to prevent people from voting in this election. According to European news sources, rubber bullets are being used, and both Catalans and police have been injured.

                  This will get worse, before it gets any better.  It is hard to believe that this is taking place, not in Syria, not in Turkey, not in Afghanistan or Cuba, but in Spain.  Cross off one more place as too volatile in which to vacation.  Please pray for these people.

Saturday, September 30, 2017

An Acoustic Attack in Cuba Causes and Evacuation


Photo:  Ars Technica

          According to the US State Department, in the last few months, 21 State Department Employees stationed in the US Embassy in Cuba, have suffered from headaches, hearing loss, cognitive issues, nausea, vomiting, balance issues, etc.  These have been classified as auditory attacks of some type, although the exact sourcing of such remains obscure. The situation was dire enough that half of our diplomats and embassy employees have been called home, leaving only a skeleton staff present while an investigation into this issue continues. Americans have been advised to leave Cuba and to come home.

                     Why would anyone in Cuba wish to send the US, a source of significant revenue, home? Why would anyone disrupt the new atmosphere of cooperation between Cuba and the US?   Why would such a problem occur close to the time that Cuba plans to retire Raul Castro?

                    Who, other than Russia, has done research on sonic weaponry ?   Who could Russia have sold such weapon to, and why ?

                     Our family once bought a mouse repellent for our rural home that plugged into an electrical outlet. It was said to work by producing a sound that mice did not like, but that humans could not hear. Four days of it left us with migraines, nausea, earaches, and general malaise until we threw it away, and then recovered.  The damage from acoustic weapons is not confined to the ears and has been implicated in cardiovascular disease as well.

                    This is a situation that bears watching.