Sunday, April 23, 2023

Blogger Censorship

            Today, I have received notification that one of my posts has been taken down by blogger.

The post concerned has been up since July of 2012, and talks about the emergency treatment of snakebites while continuing to seek competent medical help. It covers the recommended use of a snakebite extractor and under what circumstances such a device may be used. A considerable amount of research went into this post, and at the time of posting, it was absolutely accurate.  I am unaware of any changes since that would have made any aspect of it whatsoever less than absolutely medically correct, here in the United States.

          Censorship or a request to modify should not be made when simply one person, possibly without credentials, and likely from another nation entirely requests it to be.  Europe should not hold the power to disrupt American blogs.

           I pride myself in providing accurate information on medical topics here, not only because it is the right thing to do, but because I take a certain pride in having been declared by national health in Iceland, as an excellent source of accurate medical information.

          I would normally argue the point with blogger, but they have removed the post from my side of this blog as well.

          What incentive is there for me or for anyone else to exhaustively research a medical topic and post it here, even though I have effectively been doing so for more than ten years, if it is simply to be removed, without genuine recourse ?

           Perhaps Europe will be successful in the destruction of American blogs that encourage intelligence and self sufficiency, as a way of exerting control over their own masses.