Tuesday, December 15, 2020

Do Not Despair This Christmas





            A lot of people I know are deeply discouraged.  Whether they were Republicans or Democrats, the idea that this election saw rampant voter fraud and numerous manipulations has been disturbing to many people. They know that once leaders are selected and then elections are massaged in order to get that individual in, that this does not change. If this is allowed to stand, then free and fair elections may be gone for the United States for a long time. This election may result in the end of our American Republic as we have known it.   Then, the Supreme Court for which we as Americans pay a great deal in order to keep our learned attorneys on the bench for a lifetime failed us by refusing to hear a case and therefore refusing to uphold the U.S. Constitution. Most people realize that conventional media has been bought and paid for, and is no longer publishing truth.

                Others are challenged by, at least, the local management of the COVID-19 pandemic. Some of them have lost businesses, and others sit on the edge of losing homes.  Others sit by unable to pay their taxes in this unprecedented mess while the aid so badly needed does not seem forthcoming.


                 In my own life I know that the times of greatest darkness, have also been the times in which I have been shown miracles.  If I think back in this year despite the terrible examples of people who claim to or who have been our leaders, I saw a number of heroes this year.   I saw the owner of a commercial building waive several months rent completely for a charity organization that aids those with drug problems.  I saw the owners of a very large business sell their estate in order to have the money to continue to pay their employees for an extended period during the pandemic. They did so because they considered this their obligation to their employee's families and because God had granted them all their business successes, and they believed He would again. 


                With record dog and cat abandonment in California and animal shelters closed due to the pandemic, there were record numbers of euthanizations, but there were also people who regularly moved Heaven and Earth to rescue as many animals as possible, and to find the animals homes all over the country.  Lastly, I recall a young mother who rose to the occasion beautifully when her baby daughter was found to have a serious lifelong disorder.  I am honored to have seen the actions of all these people, under this year's duress.

                Please know that there are lots of courageous people working on the issues which presently plague our country.  Although the systems we have trusted in the past do not appear to be working for us, there are good people among us. God will not fail the good people of the United States, and they are there, often living right alongside those who have made the proverbial deals with Satan. 


                 As one of my Scandinavian friends said today, Merry Yule.  This may be a Christmas different from all the others we have known, but it will be no less miraculous.  May God bless you, your family, and may God bless America, and its legitimate and honest leaders.


Wednesday, December 9, 2020

It's Not Over Yet


                                            From the Dallas News




   Keep close watch on events and please call your Congressmen and Senators.  Widespread voter fraud must not be allowed to stand in the United States.



      And may God Bless Texas !