Tuesday, January 8, 2013

An Anti-Gun Murder ?

            I was hoping we could leave the gun rights discussions for awhile, as frankly, I had envisioned Rational Preparedness:The Blog  as a place where we could discuss everything from animals, to first aid, finances, to growing greens. Of course, since there are pretty vocal forces at work intent on disarming the American people and revising,amending, and neutering the US Constitution, we seem to need to keep returning to it.
           I first heard about this on The Blaze, and was referred to the website.  Of course, this is a case under investigation, but it is concerning that the 32 year old FFL arms provider to FPSRussia has been murdered.  I hope that this murder is not an attempt to silence FPS Russia himself who brings internet information to gun owners through his Youtube videos on a regular basis.   I wonder who might wish to silence famous members of the pro-gun and freedom alliance ?

This is FPS Russia:
 "FPS Russia" is a character with a questionable Russian accent who demonstrates varietal firearms on everything from fruit to milk jugs. The "character" is named Dimitri.


(Between the double rows of undulating lines in the work product of Nick Leghorn at:
     http://www.thetruthaboutguns.com/author/foghorn/  )

FPSRussia’s Weapons Guy Found Dead, Single Gunshot to Head

There’s a story out of Carnesville, Georgia that Keith Ratliff, weapons provider for the popular YouTube celebrity FPSRussia (the man with the FFL that gets him his toys) was found dead, reportedly tied to a chair (unconfirmed sources on that tip). Police say the cause of death was a single gunshot wound to the head, and are treating the incident as a homicide.

From Lake Hartwell Radio:
According to  Franklin County Sheriff Stevie Thomas, the body of 32-year old  Keith Ratliff of Frankfort, Kentucky was found about 5:45p Thursday evening.
At the time, authorities would not release any information until the victim’s relatives had been notified. On Sunday, Thomas said Ratliff’s body was discovered after a 911 call.
“We received a call about a possible DOA,” Thomas said Sunday. “Upon the deputies arrival, they found a white male who was unconscious and not breathing. EMS personnel came and determined the man was deceased.”
Thomas said they are treating the death as a homicide until the investigation proves otherwise.  He would not say why the man was in Carnesville or give any other information.
Investigators, Thomas said, determined Ratliff had died of a single gunshot to the head and that his body been there for some time. Thomas said investigators found numerous guns in the area where Ratliff’s body was found.

   (end of Nick Leghorn's report)

I have confirmed this story with a number of other news outlets.

This is Keith Ratliff

 Tonight, our prayers and condolences are with the friends and family of Keith Ratliff.   Keith leaves a wife Amanda, three children, the youngest being a two year old son named Jayden, as well as parents, a brother Kelly,  and many friends. Keith was not only a weapons enthusiast but also a computer enthusiast.

Keith was a Federal Firearms Licensed Dealer who must meet 20,000 stringent laws on weapons.
He had a business in which legal modifications to firearms were made. He was a principle in FPS Russia Industries.

His death should be the subject of a federal investigation, not simply one on a state level.

     Stay safe, Kyle !


lotta joy said...

He looks like a sweet kid. I can't imagine what his wife is feeling right now.

Gorges Smythe said...

It could be unrelated; it could be VERY related. We'll NEVER know for sure.

JaneofVirginia said...

I am bothered that one solitary shot to the head, is the way the NY mafia used to kill people. Some reports say that Mr. Ratliff had been tied to a chair. Several reports say that nothing appears to have been taken. The Georgia Bureau of Investigation has their hands full.

JaneofVirginia said...

I hope his wife, his children, his brother and other family members are able to comfort each other in this really difficult time.

A Girl and Her Gun said...

Sad story for sure!

JaneofVirginia said...

It is. I notice that no one is talking about it now. Could the media be seeking to keep leftists who murder gun advocates quiet ? We may never know.