Saturday, January 12, 2013

The American Community Survey

Notice how even the logo is apropos. As the orange government buildings grow, the houses are fragmenting, and the change is leaving the homeowner's pockets symbolized by the stars.  I guess this was the low bid.

   The TV news from the cities within a days drive told us last evening that a survey called The American Community Survey is out in our area.  The survey asks, among many personal things, how far you drive to work, and what time in the morning you leave for work, as well as your annual income there. This is an ongoing survey which samples a small amount of the population annually, and helps them to know where they need to spend money.....because, of course, they are our friends, and they want to help. Apparently, so many people have been tossing the survey into the trash, that the news people are needed to tell us that responding to this survey is mandatory, the same way the Census is.  The government is interested in us.  They want to know how much money we make, and they are willing to let us fill out the information in Arabic, Chinese, English, French, Haitian Creole, Korean, Polish, Portuguese,  Russian, Spanish or Vietnamese.   I noticed they put Arabic first.  This is one of the ways our federal government has of understanding our needs and seeing how we are all doing economically.

              No, I did not make any of this stuff up.  This is the website should you wish to read it from their very own website:


If you don't wish to fill out the paperwork, they are happy to have you do so, over the internet.

              There is the important potential for scammers to duplicate this questionnaires and ask for things which could be used in the commission of identity theft.

The American Community Survey will never ask for:

       Social Security Number
       Money or Donations
       Credit Card Numbers

If the census does contact you to ask additional questions about your American Community Survey,
ndicate that they will always have your official census ID number from the form itself.

The website spends a lot of time telling us why it is so important to fill out this detailed information. It also tells us that the information garnered from the survey will never be shared with the FBI, CIA, FEMA or any other governmental authority.  Of course, that's until the next Executive Edict, or shall I say order ?

Although they tell us how important it is to complete the survey, it took the News people to tell us that answering this inquiry is important and that a fine and imprisonment can result from not doing so.

There they go again, working for us, without our even knowing about it !

The only thing I want to tell them is to stop spending my money. on surveys, on medical care for illegal aliens, and on weapons for drug cartels.  I don't need any more laws, restrictions or interference.  In fact, their tinkering has substantially crashed my income.   How much you want to bet that these are not the questions they wish to ask ?


lotta joy said...

I've always said that filling out tax forms was redundant, since "they" know everything there is to know about us. I can only surmise that we are filling out our tax forms so "they" can see if "they" missed anything.

So, WHY is this mandatory? Most of the information would already be registered with your car insurance form, homeowner's, and IRS?

already on computers

JaneofVirginia said...

In 2000, in a quest to make some good hourly summer money, and learn about my county, I worked for the census. As they say, we really did take the long forms, and when they were answered, zip off the identifying information. However, I don't know if they do that now. After the earthquake here, when I went to FEMA simply to get information as to whether my home should be checked for radon or our well should be checked, they asked for a lot of identifying information. They knew too much about us not to have been tied to the IRS database.

Pumice said...

Everyone keeps these databases on us. I think the constant demand to fill them out again does two things. First, it desensitizes us to the process so we get used to conforming. The second is what hackers call "phishing." It is the constant trolling for information that you might not be aware you are giving out.

Where is Sam Adams when you need him?

Grace and peace.

JaneofVirginia said...

Yes, I think you are absolutely correct. I try to stay off the databases as much as possible, but even that can backfire. Indeed, we could use Samuel Adams once again.

Gail said...

You have some valid points. i threw my farm survey away, relented, picked it out of trash and saw in large print... THE LAW REQUIRES you to complete.

JaneofVirginia said...

I gave sufficient unembellished information to meet the legal requirements. Of course, things change year to year.