Friday, July 28, 2017

A Complete Survival Compound

 Although I don't recommend that everyone seek a survival home of this variety, it does have its purpose for those who are acclimated to rural living or who have multiple adult children and their families who could help to live in and maintain such a property. The price for all that is contained is excellent. It would require someone very knowledgeable as to such a compound's maintenance requirements. Also, your due diligence should include understanding the water laws and sources of water available to this compound.



Decommissioned Radar Base In Remote North Montana

$399,000  100 acres  Keith Connolly  


Remote, privately owned decommissioned radar base for sale. Perfect property to use as a survivalist retreat, bug out property, or just your own secluded full time residence.
Property is fenced and gated with 7 foot high chain link that is topped with 18 inch “V’d” barbwire. It consists of approximately 80 acres of bare land, with the remainder populated with multiple buildings and utilities including: a 4000 sqft 5 bay shop, a 2500 sqft mechanics shop, a 16 room motel/barracks, a 4 story radio tower with 1000 sqft per floor, an 18,000 sqft commissary building with commercial kitchen and walk in freezer and refrigerator, a 60,000 sqft steel and concrete reinforced above ground bunker/fallout shelter, a 3600 sqft “school” building, a duplex with 4 bedrooms/4 baths 1600 sqft on each side, 4 houses with 1 car garages consisting of 3 bedrooms/1bath and each 1600 sqft, an “office” building that is currently being redone, and several other outbuildings of little value in their current state.

The property currently has two sources of water including 7 drilled wells on the property complete with legal water rights from the State of Montana, a community water feed provided by a small water co-op, and there are three reservoirs that hold 100,000 gallons, 75,000 gallons, and 16,000 gallons respectively.

Property is currently connected to grid power but has two commercial grade windmills on site, fully connected and capable of providing power for the entire base just need to be serviced and turned on.
Sewer system for the property is a lagoon system that is currently connected to all buildings and ran throughout the base and is capable of supporting a population up to 2000. Property has “city grade” infrastructure for all utilities (power, sewer, water) that has been maintained and serviced annually.
Property is currently in an income generating state, with gross monthly incomes of $4k/month which you can continue to collect while you build out your retreat or discontinue upon purchase.
Terms are listed as cash or new loan but an owner carry would be considered with large down.

Please be respectful of current occupants when going onsite to view property unescorted.

24247 Base Rd, Havre, MT 59501, USA