Thursday, January 24, 2013

What Difference Does it Make ???????!!!!!!!!

I was prepared to give allowances for recovery from a concussion.  What I heard was someone who thought she was above answering for the deaths of four people on her watch.

   I was prepared not to be angry with Secretery Clinton following her Congressional testimony regarding Bengazi.  I thought it was entirely possible that all the travel and diplomatic parties had removed her from the day to day of State Department activity and that she had been unaware of a number of the happenings in Bengazi.  I was wrong.
              I have very clear personal memories of the US State Department.  After Nine Eleven, I was in Siberian Russia for quite a long time.  Our very nervous US State Department kept careful note of the location of every American, and they were not only afraid for themselves, but they were afraid for us as well. They gave a fair amount of practical advice, and at one point traveled with me on an iced winged Aeroflot flight.  They were a good bunch of diplomatic professionals, and I am indebted to them.  My father also remembers State Department officials during his many business and pleasure forays all around the world as being competent, and really knowing the lay of the land, wherever he was.
              Knowing the State Department professionals most of whom were assigned to Moscow, makes it hard to reconcile what the evidence indicates actually happened in Bengazi.   From all the information we as Americans have, a diplomatic team was assigned to Libya.  Libya has been known to be a fairly unstable Muslim country in the months which led up to this year's attack.  Normally those diplomats and contractors who are in a country in which instability or hostilities are taking place, have liberal numbers of armed guards and uniformed marines.  (Remember in the first Bourne movie ?  Well, that was peace time, in a city that is friendly to us)   For some reason, which remains somewhat elusive, the building and diplomatic staff in Bengazi were without the building structural protections and protective staff that would have normally accompanied a diplomat in an unstable land.   Perhaps this was done to allow the diplomat to act as a conduit to sell guns to groups the US believed were sympathetic to the West.  Chances are, there was a reason that this contingent was traveling so lightly in an unstable land.   Perhaps, they drew a false sense of security from the staffed CIA safehouse which was a few blocks from their location.   In any event, we know that in the weeks which preceded this new 9-11 anniversary, that repeated requests for additional security were made by our Bengazi diplomatic team.   They were apparently hearing rumors of impending attacks and with 9-11 coming again, they wished to have some measure of protection.  This might also have been heightened by the perception that if they were gunrunning, that the enemies of such factions might have wanted to put a stop to this.  The evidence suggests that a wide number of State Department employees and many other US operational groups who had an interest in Bengazi declined such requests on a consistent basis.  When, on 9-11, the compound was under attack, there is credible evidence that the Obama Situation Room watched the attack.  A retired officer Lt. Col. Tony Schaeffer has told FOX News that President Obama and everyone else watched the attack on Bengazi.  When Delta Force members, who were twenty minutes from there, asked for clearance to help, they were told "Negative".  Some of them did go to help Americans, and at least one of them died heroically doing so.  There are multiple sources which indicate that Mr. Obama did not wish us to respond for "political reasons". Afterward, deliberate misinformation was floated by American media regarding the source of these American deaths. Scapegoating of their political enemies occurred.
             When I watched Mrs. Clinton yesterday, I expected the truth.  I expected that there would be an admission that, in a world where anything can happen, anywhere at anytime, that they had misassessed the intelligence received and made a bad call.  This wasn't the case.  What she said was,  "What difference does it make why four Americans are dead ?"  She was quite calloused.  Although she made an attempt later to feign emotion for families, this fell flat.   This indicates that she should be removed from her post immediately.   It makes an incredible difference here.   State Department employees are entrusted with the important task of assessing the intelligence of a foreign country.  When concerning data is received, then their job is to either remain under heightened security, or to begin to extract US citizens and the members of their diplomatic corps. At best, on a fundamental level, the most basic role of the US State Department massively failed.  At worst, a decision was made somewhere in our government, perhaps repeatedly, to sacrifice four human beings for political gain, or to blame the opposing political party here at home.   Did Mr. Obama or key members of his regime, sacrifice four people in order to stand before the world and ask for more money "to protect the diplomatic corps" ?   It appears he may have.  The motivations and intentions of this time, are very significant, and they must be examined before we allow them to do anything else to our nation, or to other countries in the world.

            The happenings at Bengazi need to be investigated at the highest level by a bi-partisan group.  If in fact, the Obama administration chose to sacrifice or ignore the plight of their own people, and then this was covered up, then Obama needs to be impeached.   This happened on his watch.  He is the " Commander-in-Chief."

           Regardless of all the complaints regarding the US Federal Government, we as Americans have enjoyed one of the best State Departments on Earth.  If this section of US government is now corrupted, neutered or damaged, and is no longer above reproach, then this must be investigated and addressed at once, because it is unsafe for Americans, ANY Americans, to leave our shores until it is.

         This matter should not die.   It must be investigated fully.  The lives of diplomats and Delta Team members were lost.  If this is not fully explored, that their lives sacrificed, will be for nothing.   It appears that our government was grossly negligent in the digestion and formulation of American intelligence from the site, and in formulating proper action which could have prevented these deaths.  Any security at all, could likely have prevented these deaths.   Until this has been addressed, how can our Federal Government be entrusted with anything ?



mohammad ahad said...

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JaneofVirginia said...

Thank you for your kind words. I was prepared to understand that negative things can happen in many places in the world. However, we owe to our foreign service members and to our Delta Force and others who serve us, a better investigation and a better resolution of this matter.

JMD said...

I believe her statement regarding "what difference does it make" falls in line with the rest of what is happening in our country. What difference does it make if our President is a legal president, our citizens are here legally, we follow the constitution, etc. See a continuing theme??

JaneofVirginia said...

Perhaps you're right. Then we need people who respect the rule of law, as true and fair. I am not liking their version of a continuing theme.

will smith said...

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JaneofVirginia said...

Will, I hope you continue to find posts which interest you.

A Girl and Her Gun said...

Exactly what JMD said. It's the way the entire country seems to feel. How many people are outraged over her words? How many even know she said them? Not many.

JaneofVirginia said...

They haven't even dumbed down the news. They just tell the no-brain voters what to think, and this is how we got into this mess. There should be outrage over Bengazi. These Americans were thrown to the wolves.