Thursday, January 17, 2013

The View from the Farm

The weather at our daughter's minifarm.

(Picture: Barb Cabot
    I think the animals have had enough.   A cold rain has fallen for days now, and as tolerant as the alpacas usually are, they are not now.   They are staying in the barn and venturing out to the mud and water only to use the dung pile.    The dogs, are staying in the kennel, and not venturing to the outdoor areas.    The two who are on assignment and have rotated out of the kennel, and staying in their outdoor houses with the overhang for the most part.  The cat who believes she owns one of the outbuildings is not venturing beyond it.   One elderly rooster who has been in retirement, passed quietly this week.   The others are holding on.   The hens are smart enough to remain inside their house, and we have worked hard to make sure that there is plenty of clean water for them to drink.  Interestingly, even the ducks are sick of this weather ! The Khaki Campbells are staying in the favored duck house positions.  The Silky Swedes have been the most adventurous, and Mallard Fillmore and his family are reticent about leaving their  house even to eat.
          I would warn them that the weather report is 5-7 inches of snow later today, and that all the schools are going to be closed, but I think they already know.  I am one of the few creatures here on the farm who needs weather interpretation services by professionals.  The animals just know.
          In the house above the computer, the driving rain is very loud as heard from the skylight.  The natural light which is so nice to have on sunny days, is cold and seems drafty on days like this one.
          I would love to share with them my concerns about gun control, and the stupidity of restricting the number of rounds in a magazine, but they don't care.  They know I will do whatever I need to, and whatever I can to keep them safe during their time here on Earth, and beyond that, they don't much care. It's not that they are naive or uninformed, it's that sometimes, they have more faith in man than they should.  The animals have seen my best, and my most courageous.  I sit wondering in the midst of asthma this week whether there is much of "my best" left.

wet alpacas

          With so much of the days light muted, there have been very few eggs lately.  I wonder if I have enough to make a couple of broccoli and cheddar quiches for dinner ?


Kelly said...

I hope your asthma gets better. 60 something days until spring!

Dani said...

Hang in there - your winter is on the wane... :)

Matt said...

I need to see some alpacas. I haven't been spit on nor knocked flat on my butt since 2004...... I kinda miss working with and cleaning up after them,

In many ways, it was the best job I ever had.

Ian Holland said...

Tell them to look to Canada. We did the same thing, and after $3 billion, the government (different party) got rid of the long gun registration. It did not work and was a complete waste of time and money.Incidentally, they said they destroyed the data base, but that stretches my trust significantly!

5 to 7 inches? A little more than a slight dusting. :-}

Sandy said...

Beautiful pictures! I so remember the cold rainy days in Virginia when I lived there. Do you raise alpacas?

JaneofVirginia said...

Me too ! Not sure why it's been so bad. Haven't had it for years ! Must have some new allergies.

JaneofVirginia said...

This is actually our first taste of winter. It's our first snowstorm today. The cold rain has lasted about five days and the animals don't like it. Prior to that, we were putting in brand new fencing just as if it were Autumn or Spring.

JaneofVirginia said...

Yes, we have raised alpacas in a breeding operation since 1999. Now, our remaining herd of seven are "in retirement" and receive lifetime loving care.

JaneofVirginia said...

Ours don't really spit or knock anyone over. I spat back at one years ago, and they were so mortified that we would do that, that they never did again. One accidently fractured my husband's rib when he improperly lifted a rear leg to trim toenails the first week we had the first group. Since then, they have been pretty easy going, but to be frank, I do shots on their schedule, and we sheer on their schedule too. They are remarkable animals.

JaneofVirginia said...

I followed the Canada long gun registry with interest while it was being dismantled.
We have the snowstorm underway now. I just returned from west of here where it was a couple of inches and icy roads. Here at home it is just a dusting, but it may not stop until late tonight. As long as everyone is home, we should be fine.