Friday, September 7, 2018

"Westward: The Novel" Has Arrived !

"Westward: The Novel is a 6x9 inch paperbound book with 322 pages. It is also available electronically.

                  For those of you who gather paper bound books for your collection in order to read during the day during power outages or in other emergencies, may I make a suggestion.   "Westward: The Novel" is my fifth book, and second novel.   This time, it's not about disaster preparedness, the true story of a family dealing with the death of a child, a novel about an intelligence analyst and his family making a go of life on a large acreage during an economic collapse, or the true story of the life of an American world explorer.  This time, it's a novel that traces the life of a young woman with small children who must return to work after the death of her husband. She not only finds work and builds a new career for herself while parenting her children, but she finds the second great love of her life.  This is a story of overcoming obstacles and then taking chances. It also follows her through the process of blending a new husband who has never been married or had children to a family with four of them.  This book was designed to be read by either men or women.

             Today, it is available at this website 

It should shortly be available on Amazon.    In the weeks that follow, it will ultimately be available worldwide and will be available at any bookstore and also eventually at libraries.   I will update as I learn of its availability.

            It's ISBN # is:   978-1-59113-643-9

            If you do purchase this book, particularly on Amazon, if you could write even a brief review that helps to get more people interested in the book and in reading in general.  Thank you !

           This is the first time that "practical Jane" has written what is, in part, a love story so it covers new ground in that respect.  I hope you enjoy it.