Wednesday, April 28, 2021

A Word About Sharpening





        Of all your preparedness supplies, it's not particularly interesting, romantic, or even particularly expensive, but it's an essential and it is frequently omitted or missed. Few preppers have enough of these.

                      Knives are an essential prepping tool, for the preparation for food, for preparing meat after hunting, and for camping, and many other uses. Different knives may need to be sharpened differently, but they do need to be sharpened. Keep in mind that many people are cut more often from a dull knife that is not effective when used, than they are by a sharpened one which performs as expected.

                      Rather than buying an electrical knife sharpener, I would like you to purchase a variety of sharpening stones that will allow you to privately and quickly sharpen the knives you need. Before these disappear in some type of shortage or stoppage in the Suez Canal etc., research and purchase the ones you need.   Put them in a safe place for future use.   Research other sharpening devices and decide what additional equipment you may need, including means of sharpening larger tools, chainsaws, gardening implements, etc.    Research also whether any oils are needed with your sharpening stones. Look up how best to sharpen the sharps you have.  Too many people part with a knife or a sharp device when all that was really necessary was a good sharpening.

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