Tuesday, January 15, 2013

New York's Tough New Gun Laws

Andrew Cuomo has infringed Second Amendment rights.

    Andrew Cuomo is patting himself of the back this evening, trying not to break his own arm.

"I am proud because New York not only has the first Bill, but the best Bill" says Cuomo.  I am assuming that his bodyguards can still keep their own extended magazines.

  Late today, Gov. Cuomo signed in a new Law, that the first newspaper articles about it say will do the following:

  1.  The first thing his Bill did was limit magazines to seven rounds.
       (WHERE did they get the arbitrary number of seven ?)

  2. It increases the penalties for gun crimes.
      (I thought we already had those. Are they executing now twice for each murder ?)

 3. It bans military style rifles and semi automatic pistols with a "military feature".
     (What does that mean ?   Did they ban 22s that look like AR-15s ?  That would be crazy.
       Who decides what a military feature is........camo paint ?)

 4. People who already own one of these devices will be grandfathered but will have to register their weapon.    (Yeah, that will happen.  They will submit to a listing in order to have them confiscated ?  Are they going to list who has what in the local newspaper along with the location of the item in your house ?)

It was also reported on Virginia News this evening that background checks will need to be done for EACH ammunition purchase which takes place within New York State.
       I think they should expect to see people move out of NY State.  Weapons first.
       I suppose this means I will not be visiting with my concealed weapons permit, or my vacation cash.

       It is my opinion that this portends the plans for the rest of our country.   It's time to contact your Congressman now and provide your clear opinion. The handling of our economy has shown most of these legislators to be dishonorable people.  Can we trust them with the wholesale disarmament of the states, one at a time or collectively ?

        It's time to decide which part of the Constitution is expendable.   If Executive Order is used to do this, it's time to look at Articles of Impeachment for Barack Obama.

        The Second Amendment was drafted not simply for our common defense, but in order that we may protect our nation from Tyranny.   Tyranny has come.

  You might wish to join:

    http://www.vcdl.org/        Specifically for Virginia

 http://www.kc3.com/Links/state__local_organizations.htm      To look for groups in other states

http://programs.nra.org/                 NRA information and programs


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