Monday, October 26, 2015

Introducing "Goodness Knows"


 As I have said before, I don't recommend products unless I have used them myself.  I also don't recommend products here in which I have a financial interest, and so, I have "no axe to grind" other than simply providing my own opinion.

    One of my strategies for staying slim and healthy is that I carry some snacks in a plastic shoebox sized case in my car along with some bottled water. Nothing goes bad even in Summer because the kids, myself or my husband tend to use the items and rotate the stock pretty consistently.  Having snacks in the car also means we are less tempted to stop and eat things at fast food restaurants that we shouldn't.  I keep a number of things in the plastic box in the car.  Sometimes I keep some Special K 90 calorie cereal bars. Sometimes I keep some small almond packets. Sometimes I stock some of the Lance crackers, but I try not to buy anything over about a hundred and fifty calories a serving.  For awhile I was eating a fair number of Reese's peanut butter cereal bars. Not stopping in restaurants also helps us keep more of our money.  In addition, one of the best strategies one can have in preparedness is to get fit and healthy and to remain that way.  Staying healthy is simply a chain of healthy habits, this being one of them.

       This week I have been very busy and I did not notice that the snacks have been depleted.  I stopped at a small general store in the country and found some bars for 150 calories for four pieces, called Goodness Knows.   I bought two, and because of the conservative calorie count, I didn't really expect them to be very good. I was extremely pleased.  The bar I bought first had dried cranberries, whole nuts and delicious dark chocolate. It reminded me of trips to the chocolatier in Princeton, NJ who used to sell everything from fortune cookies dipped in exquisite chocolate, to dried fruits dipped in different types of chocolate.  I am told that the Princeton chocolatier I loved so well is no longer there.  The Goodness Knows bar is a healthy way of avoiding stopping to eat something not so healthy, and a way of indulging without breaking the bank.    Despite the busy week, I went back to buy more only to find that they were sold out.  The next rural village also sold some, and so I bought a few of each variety.

I bought the single bars, but you can buy eighteen in a box.

         This week I spoke to the company and they say that the bars are designed to store for 33 weeks.  I am planning to put some in a tin and refrigerate them, and see if this period of time can be extended.  I may also double bag and date a few and freeze them to see how long their practical use can be extended.

          These are an excellent idea for car kits, evacuation kits, hiking kits and sporting events.

           A tasty bar with no fructose corn syrup, 150 total calories in four pieces, total carb 22 grams, total sugar 12 grams could be worked into the diet of most diabetics, and well as the simply health conscious. These bars have no artificial colors, sweeteners, or flavorings.  It also may be a great take along for hiking women who really shouldn't be using the 300 or 400 calorie energy bars sold in so many places.  I highly recommend these.

There are three varieties:

cranberry almond with dark chocolate

apple, almond and peanut with dark chocolate

peach, cherry almond and dark chocolate

        Many retailers should be stocking these soon.   Should you not be able to locate these, they can be purchased in boxes from the manufacturer online at:

I also noticed them on amazon:

Goodness Knows on Amazon

Allergen data:

Hint:  If you are out and you need to eat a salad somewhere, but they don't have low calorie dressings or accompaniments, you can break or crumble 2 Goodness Knows squares over your salad.  2 squares over your salad adds 75 calories.   Even without dressing it's an interesting change that can help to prevent your overeating or ordering something else.    This can also be done with low calorie frozen yogurt when you are taking the kids somewhere and perhaps can't find sprinkles or a topping that suits you and your plan for healthier eating.