Saturday, December 16, 2017

On Safety in Secluded Areas

Bethany Ann  Stevens,   Facebook, with one of her dogs.

                 Bethany Ann Stephens was a twenty-two year old Central Virginia woman who loved horses and dogs. She had worked in animal rescue and was the proud owner of two pitbulls.  This week, Bethany took her dogs for a walk in an area where her grandparents once owned a sprawling farm, and then she didn't return.  Her father went walking the route that she normally used.   The sheriff's office was called and they spent the next night trying to piece together what had happened to Brittany. The county's animal control tranquilized both dogs who were guarding Brittany's body.  A preliminary review by the sheriff's office and the medical examiner are of the opinion that Brittany was attacked and mauled to death by her dogs.  Both dogs will be euthanized, if they haven't been already.

                 Most vets believe that dogs, even those bred and taught to fight, won't become aggressive and attack their masters unless they are attacked and truly frightened. They cite that if Bwthany and her dogs were atacked by coyotes, other dogs, or a human being that the dogs would begin to fight, and they might not stop, and under such circumstances, they could kill their owner.  This is known as an area with coyotes.  Bethany was 5'1" and likely less than 125 lbs, whereas both of her dogs were about 125 lbs. each.

                 If you walk your dogs in a secluded rural area as I do, you might consider being armed while doing so.  I know many people with pitbulls who own gentle, kind animals.  This is certainly a tragedy for the dogs, for Bethany and for her family and friends.

             We send heartfelt condolences to her family and friends during this very difficult time.

More information:

Friday, December 1, 2017

Presenting My Fourth Book: Lawrence DeWolfe Kelsey:The Life of the Explorer

    Effective November 30, 2017, my latest book, the above, was released.    This is the first link I have found where it is for sale:

     My father was an original prepper and an original survivor in a number of harsh and foreign lands. He is no doubt where a lot of my interest and mindset in preparedness is derived.

     Over the next couple of weeks, the distribution for this book will grow.  It should be available around the world electronically in all platforms within the next couple of weeks.

     Thank you for your interest and a special thanks goes out to those who contributed or aided me in some way in this most difficult of my books.


Thursday, November 2, 2017

My Fourth Book Will Be Available This Month

Lawrence DeWolfe Kelsey, taken just before the Finn Ronne Antarctic Expedition

                   Later this month, my fourth book will be available for sale.  It is entitled:

Lawrence DeWolfe Kelsey:
                                  The Life of the Explorer

            This is the true life story of a tenacious human being who started life as a Californian, and later as teen in the Merchant Marine, during WWII. He was aboard ship in Okinawa when bombs dropped on both Hiroshima and on Nagasaki. Then, he departed as a radio officer and technician on the Finn Ronne Antarctic Expedition in the late nineteen-forties. Afterward he took assignments which took him to the Canadian Arctic, and then to Afghanistan with the Fairservis Archaeological Expedition.  He spent five years in Afghanistan before going to university in England. All of this was simply the beginning.
          All the years of his life were spent doing something difficult and challenging in many ways.  This is the story of my own father, who was quite unconventional for his era, and from whom a great deal of my knowledge concerning preparedness and survival is derived.
        I will keep you informed. 

Sunday, October 1, 2017

Crisis in Catalonia

Many in Catalonia wish to secede from Spain.

               Today, the people of Catalonia, an area in the Northeastern Spain which contains Barcelona, beaches of Costa Brava and the Pyrenees mountains, planned to vote for independence from Madrid, and to seceded from the rest of Spain. Madrid has declared such an election, illegal.

                Today, the vote is taking place, and police from Madrid have been sent to prevent people from voting in this election. According to European news sources, rubber bullets are being used, and both Catalans and police have been injured.

                  This will get worse, before it gets any better.  It is hard to believe that this is taking place, not in Syria, not in Turkey, not in Afghanistan or Cuba, but in Spain.  Cross off one more place as too volatile in which to vacation.  Please pray for these people.

Saturday, September 30, 2017

An Acoustic Attack in Cuba Causes and Evacuation


Photo:  Ars Technica

          According to the US State Department, in the last few months, 21 State Department Employees stationed in the US Embassy in Cuba, have suffered from headaches, hearing loss, cognitive issues, nausea, vomiting, balance issues, etc.  These have been classified as auditory attacks of some type, although the exact sourcing of such remains obscure. The situation was dire enough that half of our diplomats and embassy employees have been called home, leaving only a skeleton staff present while an investigation into this issue continues. Americans have been advised to leave Cuba and to come home.

                     Why would anyone in Cuba wish to send the US, a source of significant revenue, home? Why would anyone disrupt the new atmosphere of cooperation between Cuba and the US?   Why would such a problem occur close to the time that Cuba plans to retire Raul Castro?

                    Who, other than Russia, has done research on sonic weaponry ?   Who could Russia have sold such weapon to, and why ?

                     Our family once bought a mouse repellent for our rural home that plugged into an electrical outlet. It was said to work by producing a sound that mice did not like, but that humans could not hear. Four days of it left us with migraines, nausea, earaches, and general malaise until we threw it away, and then recovered.  The damage from acoustic weapons is not confined to the ears and has been implicated in cardiovascular disease as well.

                    This is a situation that bears watching.

Sunday, September 24, 2017

On Half Baked Commentaries



                If you read this blog frequently or even occasionally, you have probably noted that I haven't been reviewing or posting comments to the posts very often. Because I am ninety-thousand words into a fourth book a lot of my time is taken by the research and continuing work on that project, so I have not been as present as I once was on all of my blogs.  Secondly, and please believe me on this, only a few of the comments are worth approving for post.

                   Most of the comments commend the blog for providing full information on a subject of which they approve, and then they provide a link to their business, which is usually completely unrelated to the subject of the blog.  My post on the importance of durable dog houses in winter does not relate in any way to your sale of refrigerators in Mumbai. I don't think we have that many readers from India.
                    One post which gave very clear information on urinary tract infections and for strategies to avoid them, was accosted by a "spiritual doctor" who wrote a long comment.  May I suggest to you Sir, that if you spell vaginal as virginal, then you likely lack the education necessary in order to be providing medical advice, on my blog or anywhere else.      

                   Although I don't need anyone's political views to match mine, I certainly don't want people providing half baked, unsafe or irresponsible medical advice, particularly when I go to so much trouble to make sure that the information provided here, is as safe and as responsible as is possible.  Some time ago, the government of Iceland referenced this blog as a good place for general medical information for the public, and I would like to keep it that way.

                 So, if you wish to make a comment, then do so, but understand that if you are advertising a gentleman's club in Detroit that I am not going to be approving your comment to follow my post on strategies for safe emergency childbirth.

                     To those of you who are still commenting responsibly, I am sorry it takes me time to weed through the inane before approving your posts. I really do appreciate your readership and your commentaries.

Tuesday, September 5, 2017

A Review of OTC Meds for Your Kit


To recap the medications I believe you should have, unless of course you are allergic to any of the elements, are:   This is a review:

You need medications in suitable form (tablet, chewable or liquid) for each of the persons in your family of the following medications:  These medications are available " Over the Counter" (OTC) in the US and in Canada.

1.Acetaminophen   (aka tylenol)
2.Aspirin   (Give no aspirin to children without a specific physician's order, as aspirin products and other salicylates are implicated in something called Reye's Syndrome which is a devastating illness in children and those under 18.)
3.Loperamide (Imodium AD)  Available OTC in the US and in Canada.
4.Pepto-Bismol  (This is a salicylate, check with your pediatrician as to whether in an emergency, or when he/she is unreachable, whether they wish your child to have pepto-bismol, in view of Reye's potential)
5.Diphenhydramine  (aka Benadryl)   (Please have in capsular and in liquid form, and in chewable if you have children.
6.Iosat (for all family members)  One source is   I will discuss at length later and
there is detailed information on the site also.
7. Omeprazole     Try to get brown oval tablets rather than capsules because they can be cut in half as needed.
8. Loratadine (aka Claritin, or Alavert) tablets and rapidly dissolving variety also.
     (You may substitute Cetirizine should it be more effective for you.)
9. Ibuprofen 200mg. tablets, and liquid should you have children.  (Clear this drug in advance with your pediatrician)
10.Ipecac syrup
11. Simethicone liquid for children, and capsules or tablets for adults.

You may also wish to add Mucinex tablets.  These are glyceryl guaicolate in Canada, ask your pharmacist for guidance.

 Generic medicines for these supplies are just fine. Try to find meds with expiration dates marked on the package that are as far in the future as possible.  Wal-Mart, because they tend to move a lot of generic product, often has lots of medicines which have an expiration date farthest in the future.

Always keep 30 days ahead on prescription medications if you can, 90 days if you are able..

Of course, OTC and any drug is dangerous to children, and so these need to be packed away or in a locked cabinet that you, the adult can quickly access.
I will speak of these at length in the future.

Revisiting Potassium Iodide in Radiation Emergencies

   This is a post originally written by me, in 2011.   With Kim Jong Un experimenting with Hydrogen bombs, everyone should consider being in possession of Potassium Iodide, in order to help to protect our thyroid glands.   Please read below.



Potassium Iodide is a salt which when taken in the proper amounts, can block the uptake of radioactive iodine. It is frequently marketed in tablets, under the name of “Iosat”. Administering Iosat can be very beneficial because the thyroid can be quite vulnerable to radioactive iodine in a radiologic emergency, and because this strategy can benefit us in the prevention of later thyroid cancer. It is important to realize that even when properly used and taken as directed by public health officials, that the only organ protected by this practice is the thyroid, therefore evacuation from a contaminated area is always best. Since radioactive iodine has a half life of eight days, rational evacuation of a week or two may be all that is necessary. (Supposing that in this particular emergency, only radioactive iodine is released.) Following a radiologic emergency, a combination of administering potassium iodide tablets to human beings in the target area, coupled with evacuation, even for a week or two, is usually the best course.
Failure to take potassium iodide following a radiologic emergency may result in immediate or long term effects on the thyroid gland. Thyroid cancer, goiters, hypothyroidism, and thyroid growths may occur following untreated exposure to higher levels of radioactive iodine. Since thyroid failure in a child can impact intellect, and thyroid failure in a woman can impact successful reproduction, these are important considerations.
Many of us have chosen to keep an adequate supply of potassium iodide tablets for potential radiologic emergency in advance of such an occurence. This way, we sidestep distribution difficulties in a time in which our governmental and public health authorities will be most occupied. The tablets being sold now, most often have an expiration date of 2017. Those with small children, or with elderly family members may wish to consider buying the liquid preparation of this drug. The liquid version of this drug is said to expire in five years and is marketed as “Thyro-Shield”. In the past, I have purchased thyroid protective medication in advance of a radiologic emergency from the following sources: potassium iodide

potassium iodate
Please know that following the Japanese earthquake, tsunami, and subsequent nuclear reactor disasters in Japan, many sources of potassium iodide are temporarily unavailable, as they help to meet the need in Japan, not only for the Japanese people, but for first responders from other nations as they rush to help. Please rest assured that all sources here in America, will likely restock very quickly thereafter.
Both the dose required is noted on each package, as is the expiration date of each package. These medications should be kept in a cool, dry place. They may be effective beyond their expiration date, but I have replaced them as we approach expiration, in the years that we have kept these in our emergency supplies. I keep the expired tablets, in a plastic bag, marked EXPIRED, and I save them. I save them in the event that in an emergency they could be useful to someone, or in the event that an official veterinary body makes an official recommendation for animals, as at the present time, they have not. Iosat is approved by the FDA for this use and is stockpiled by many arms of the US government.
Potassium Iodate is also marketed for the purpose of blocking radioactive iodine uptake by the thyroid. (One of the brand names is Rad-Block) Presently, the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) questions whether potassium iodate is as effective at blocking radioactive iodine uptake of the thyroid, as Potassium Iodide is. Therefore, Potassium Iodate is not approved by the FDA, but is in fact, available for sale at a variety of internet sources. The FDA also has voiced concerns regarding a higher potential for side effects from ingesting the Potassium Iodate preparation. Other nations may still stock and sell this in their pharmacies.
I think it is unquestionably wise for every family to invest the sum it would take to provide Potassium Iodide to their family members for a period of a few days, while planning to evacuate following a radiologic emergency. Although a “Dirty Bomb” is generally a local phenomenon, the potential for a nuclear bomb or even fallout from a local nuclear reactor, you may not even know existed in your area, is always possible. Although this does take some planning, reading and forethought, it is one of the easiest disaster preparations a family can make.
Although the news presently seems to indicate that the Japanese nuclear disaster will not adversely impact the contiguous United States, it is not over just yet. The Japanese still have six reactors in close proximity to one another, in tandem with spent nuclear fuel rods which are not yet being optimally cooled. This should be a lesson in the need for preparation for potential radiologic disaster for us all.

References and Sources for Additional Information:

Monday, August 28, 2017

North Korean Aggression Continues

Photo EPA

           In Japan and in North and South Korea, and in Far Eastern Russia, it is already tomorrow. This is why the news outlets from that part of the world are announcing that Kim Jong-un has sent a long range missile over Japan on August 29th, 2017.  This missile landed in waters nearest Hokkaido.

                 North Korea's nutty little dictator is doing all he can to drag his country into a fight to the death with other nations where there can be no winners on any side.  Kim Jong-un has killed uncles. He is responsible for ordering the killing of his half brother using VX nerve agent wiped on his face in a public airport. He has imprisoned three generations of families in work camps and starved them until they die. We might never know what he did to Otto Warmbier.

                 If there is a war on the Korean peninsula then there will be only losers.  The losers will be the people of North Korea who will know starvation even worse than now, and atrocities. The people of South Korea will no doubt be bombed by their northern neighbors. The people of Japan may be recipients of bombs or even VX nerve agent. The people of Vladivostok, Russia are just forty miles from N. Korea, and a war just forty miles away will impact them, at the very least through refugees, the potentially through bombing errors. No doubt Russian troops will be moved to Vladivostok, not just the border or Primorskiy Krai. The people of China will also be adversely impacted by a war on the Russian peninsula. The people of Guam, Alaska, or the western coast of the US may be impacted, and it is possible that people anywhere in the US could be impacted by N Korea's madman.

               I ask China and Russia to intervene in any way possible. Surely you both have more to lose with a madman on your doorstep.  The US, will have to defend its allies and itself if necessary.

               I pray to God almighty to slow the collision course of this confrontation.

              If you are a person on Earth, I want you to consider for a moment what a World War III would look like in terms of your home life, your health care, your job and the futures of your family. Please make whatever reasonable preparations are necessary, and then pray to God to alter the course of this coming collision.

Friday, July 28, 2017

A Complete Survival Compound

 Although I don't recommend that everyone seek a survival home of this variety, it does have its purpose for those who are acclimated to rural living or who have multiple adult children and their families who could help to live in and maintain such a property. The price for all that is contained is excellent. It would require someone very knowledgeable as to such a compound's maintenance requirements. Also, your due diligence should include understanding the water laws and sources of water available to this compound.



Decommissioned Radar Base In Remote North Montana

$399,000  100 acres  Keith Connolly  


Remote, privately owned decommissioned radar base for sale. Perfect property to use as a survivalist retreat, bug out property, or just your own secluded full time residence.
Property is fenced and gated with 7 foot high chain link that is topped with 18 inch “V’d” barbwire. It consists of approximately 80 acres of bare land, with the remainder populated with multiple buildings and utilities including: a 4000 sqft 5 bay shop, a 2500 sqft mechanics shop, a 16 room motel/barracks, a 4 story radio tower with 1000 sqft per floor, an 18,000 sqft commissary building with commercial kitchen and walk in freezer and refrigerator, a 60,000 sqft steel and concrete reinforced above ground bunker/fallout shelter, a 3600 sqft “school” building, a duplex with 4 bedrooms/4 baths 1600 sqft on each side, 4 houses with 1 car garages consisting of 3 bedrooms/1bath and each 1600 sqft, an “office” building that is currently being redone, and several other outbuildings of little value in their current state.

The property currently has two sources of water including 7 drilled wells on the property complete with legal water rights from the State of Montana, a community water feed provided by a small water co-op, and there are three reservoirs that hold 100,000 gallons, 75,000 gallons, and 16,000 gallons respectively.

Property is currently connected to grid power but has two commercial grade windmills on site, fully connected and capable of providing power for the entire base just need to be serviced and turned on.
Sewer system for the property is a lagoon system that is currently connected to all buildings and ran throughout the base and is capable of supporting a population up to 2000. Property has “city grade” infrastructure for all utilities (power, sewer, water) that has been maintained and serviced annually.
Property is currently in an income generating state, with gross monthly incomes of $4k/month which you can continue to collect while you build out your retreat or discontinue upon purchase.
Terms are listed as cash or new loan but an owner carry would be considered with large down.

Please be respectful of current occupants when going onsite to view property unescorted.

24247 Base Rd, Havre, MT 59501, USA

Friday, May 19, 2017

A Superior Compressor/Nebulizer: The Pari

              I always preface any of my recommendations of anything from The Simple Pump, to medical supplies with a disclaimer.  I do not receive any benefits, cash, or any advantage as a result of my recommending any product or service.  I simply believe that we should pass on our experiences as they benefit others. I truly believe in the products I recommend to you.   If I ever do receive a benefit of any kind for one of these recommendations, then I will amend the post accordingly.

              I have used a nebulizer for all of my children at one time or another.  Our allergist and our pediatrician have recommended them from time to time, since my children have asthma to one degree or another, as do I.  We often go almost a year without any difficulties, but often, in Winter, there is at least one infection annually that warrants support and treatment with the use of an episodic nebulizer. As a result, I own a number of different types of nebulizers.

We have used a compressor/nebulizer like this one periodically, for years.

             In the US, and I would imagine in most other nations, a compressor/nebulizer combination is sold by prescription, and aerosolizes a prescription medication for inhalation.  Sometimes, a treatment with one of these is ordered only once, as would be used in a hospital emergency room, and other times it may be used twice, thrice or four times daily. Used correctly, these devices can make a substantial difference in the lives of children or adults with asthma or other respiratory conditions. Many people use these devices only during a serious respiratory infection which complicates their asthma. Others, use these devices regularly for large periods in their lives, or in some cases, for the duration of their lifespan.

             In the last several years I had occasion to use an aerosolizer and nebulizer made by a company named Pari.

There are a variety of nebulizers made by Pari.  This is the Pro Neb Ultra.

                 The Pari device appears to aerosolize a larger amount of the prescribed solution and to create a thick cool mist. This enables us to finish our nebulizer treatments more quickly. This also makes it a bit easier to get a child to comply with a needed treatment. It might also make adults more likely to use their nebulizer as often as they might need it, perhaps not skipping its use as much as they might normally.

                 Pari makes a variety of aerosolizer/nebulizers.  Some are designed for frequent or long session use.  For example, some children with cystic fibrosis may use one of these devices for three inhaled medications one after the other, before school in the morning. Most nebulizers would be destroyed by such long use.    Pari also makes devices which can be plugged into your car so that your child can complete a treatment while there.  They also have one that is highly portable and is battery operated and can be recharged.

             Most allergists, immunologists and pulmonologists know of Pari devices and many recommend them.  Family practice medicine physicians could be less familiar depending upon the number of patients they see with this issue.   If you use nebulizer medication, you can ask your physician for a prescription for a Pari aerosolizer/nebulizer.  You can simply say that it vaporizes the medication faster and that you are more likely to reap more of the benefits with one of these machines.

This is the Pari Trek S which has a battery module which can be purchased separately. The device is highly portable and effective.

             The peripherals to Pari devices are different than for other nebulizers. They are bulkier and designed for repeated use.  They can also be boiled for five minutes.  This can help to make them more cost effective.   Please use a nebulizer set  for each family member, if you have multiple family members using one. Even a boiled device should not be shared.


         Pari devices are available worldwide.
These are examples of the Pari Vios unit.

Pari devices are available worldwide.

These are some of the sources in the US

This is the website for the company itself:      This is for customer support and information.

    The correct nebulizer and inhaled medications can make an incredible difference in the functionality of and enjoyment of life in a person with either a periodic or a chronic respiratory condition.

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Germany and An Existential Threat


  Some years ago some friends of ours who were homeschoolers and in the military, were sent to serve in Germany. They weren't able to homeschool there, even as Americans on the base, and they wound up sending their kids to a local German school. Our friends commented at the time that large amounts of the German school day were devoted to the study of "Ethics".

                  This week, I was reading an article written by a German citizen in which they cited that "Americans hate too much" and that we could use a lesson from our German friends. The author cited that through a concerted educational effort, the Germans were able to end their collective "hate for the Jews" and become a shining example to the world of openness and tolerance.   This was interesting for a number of reasons. In school we were always taught that the German people did not know of the actions of the Nazis and therefore were blameless for it.  The article I read this week said that some did, and that the grandmother of the author of the article said that "The Jews had it coming". The gist of the article is that human beings cannot learn not to hate without an organized academic effort.

                  I disagree.  The bulk of Americans actually take each person they meet as they come.  They know that we all need one another. Many of us have different faiths, creeds and colors in our own families.  There have been great changes in the US since the nineteen-sixties and it actually didn't take hours of ethics classes to attain this.  Yes, there are a few crazies who pedal hate, but you will find that in England, France and Germany as well.

                 My concern about including formal classes which preach total acceptance for other colors, creeds, and races, no matter what their practices are as follows.  Just now, Germany faces an existential threat.  Large numbers of Muslim refugees from a number of places in the Middle East have poured into Germany. To their credit, Germany has been very generous in aiding them and helping them to get educations, jobs and housing.  In part, this is due to the German educational system.  However, I am concerned that with all the programming provided by German schools that the German people might not recognize an existential threat. When faced with some Muslims who might advocate the ritual genital mutilation of their young daughters, the murder of their own daughters who may have shamed them in some way, and gang rape of infidels, will the Germans have enough of an ability to express dismay and reject such practices or will they simply see these practices as "another flavor of the rainbow"?     I don't have a problem with refugees. I do have a problem with those who attempt to take over towns as Muslim enclaves, and enact their own brand of Sharia Law. I do have a problem with Muslims who hold themselves above the laws of the nation in which they now live. I have a problem with refugees who attempt to convert their neighbors to their own faith, and when this doesn't work out for them, beheads them.  Let's hope Germany has enough independent thinking left to restrict, jail and/or deport those who would attempt to take advantage of their decent nature.

  This is the article that spurred this commentary:

Saturday, May 13, 2017

About Powassan Virus

This graphic showing the number of cases from 2006-2015, is the work of the CDC It has been known since 1958.

             In 2012 I did a series on tick borne illnesses, and then later expanded the series to include insect envenomation injuries.   Of course, public health issues change and expand over time. This is one such needed update.

                  Powassan Virus is also a tick borne virus which is a flavivirus. It is therefore related to The West Nile Virus, St. Louis Encephalitis, and some other tick borne encephalitises.  Seventy five cases of it have been proven within about the last ten years and are most often seen in in either the Great Lakes Region of the United States or the Northeastern Region of the US.   A person bitten by a tick might feel alright after contracting Powassan virus, but they may also go on to experience fever, chills, vomiting, seizures, confusion, memory loss,and potentially death.   Patients for whom the disease is identified may need hospitalization for ventilatory support, drugs to prevent brain swelling and for intravenous hydration and fever control.  A small percentage of those with this illness will die. A larger percentage of those will have permanent neurologic issues secondary to the encephalitis which is possible. When encephalitis occurs, muscle wasting, memory issues and other neurologic problems may also occur.

                  Anyone who has received a tick bite and is now sick or febrile (which means has a fever) needs to seek medical care immediately. The incubation period for Powassan Virus is one week to one month long.  There is presently no preventive vaccine available.  There are two strains of this virus that have been isolated and both are pathogenic (disease causing) in human beings. This is a nationally reportable disease.

            Although Powhassan virus is relatively rare, it is increasing in incidence. It is also found in Canada, and it is named for the place in which it was first described. It has also been detected in Russia. We do not yet know which other nations also may experience this disease. (Remember that originally Lyme Disease was only thought to be a Northeastern US issue, and that is certainly not the case now.)  Powhassan virus can be transmitted in as little as 15 minutes of having a tick embedded upon you. It is not transmissible from person to person.  I will add additional information as possible.

           Please see my prior posts on strategies for avoidance of tick bites.

Prior Posts on my series on Tick Borne Illness    (2012)

And on Envenomation Injuries:

Sunday, April 23, 2017

Why Might Russia Be Amassing Troops on it's Border with North Korea ?


                       Vladivostok, Russia, on the right upper region, is in close proximity to North Korea, to China, and to Seoul in South Korea.  To the East, of Vladivostok is Japan and the Sea of Japan.

                       People in Primorskiy Krai, Russia have been telling relatives that an uncharacteristic number of troops and military equipment are appearing at Russia's border with North Korea.  A Number of newspapers in Europe and the US have blown a fuse about this and are frightened that Russia is amassing troops for an anticipated confrontation between the US and North Korea.

                         Let's step back for a moment and think about this.  Primorskiy Krai is the maritime province which houses Vladivostok, Russia. (Very loosely translated as the "Star of the East".)  Vladivostok is a very interesting city which among many other things, houses Russia's submarine fleet in that region. It is a beautiful and clearly Russian city, and yet it's located in Asia, and therefore it has the flora and fauna of that region, including Asian tigers in the woods there, the one's of Korean legends.  Vladivostok has some interesting neighbors.  Vladivostok has some of the best flea markets in the world, all housed in giant shipping containers, and the people who come to those flea markets are often Chinese and Korean, at least as often as they are Russian.   If North Korea's leader were to send VX nerve gas to any of his neighbors atop a rocket that may not yet be capable of sending a nuclear weapon anywhere, the Vladivostok and Russia in general could be devastatingly impacted. It is therefore simply a responsible act to move military officers and equipment to the region in protection of one's own.  China should be doing the same, and in some reports, they are.  An act of provocation on the part of North Korea which goes too far, and ultimately gets their nation attacked, could cause an exodus of people from North Korea who are already desperate and starving, into the surrounding countryside. The refugees won't care whether they are entering China or Russia, just so long as they are getting away from the war that Kim Jong-un seems to wish to create.

                         Russia's choice in sending troops to Primorskiy Krai may be less about fighting and more about preventing a mass exodus of starving North Koreans into Vladivostok, than anything else.  Certainly the situation with N. Korea bears watching, for us all.

Saturday, April 15, 2017

Today's North Korean Missile Launch

This photograph is the property of the Associated Press.

                According to the government of South Korea, North Korea did indeed test a missile today.  This particular missile launch was unsuccessful, and exploded a few seconds after launch.

Friday, April 14, 2017

North Korea May Be Able to Deliver Sarin Atop an Intercontinental Missile


This picture is the property of

             This morning on the news in Virginia, I heard one of North Korea's generals saying that the United States was no match for N. Korea's strength and that (in a confrontation) that they would smash all of our heads.  He went on to say other provocative things.  Despite the culling and failure to give the military a number of its needs in the last six years or so, the US military remains a formidable foe.  It made me wonder what the poor general was thinking, or perhaps what he had been drinking. It was however, concerning to hear that he believed that he could squash the US which he seemed quite prepared to do sooner, rather than later.

                  So far as our intelligence is concerned, it is felt that North Korea has the capability to deliver a missile to other nations, but despite all the successful nuclear testings, not quite the ability to land an Intercontinental Ballistic Missile (or ICBM) with a nuclear warhead, on Alaska, Japan, or California.  Thus far, such missiles have landed in the Sea of Japan.

                 Perhaps this is not his objective.  Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, whom I follow on Linkedin, is a highly intelligent and informed man.  He believes that Kim Jong Un can already deliver Sarin gas atop one of his missiles to other nations.  Japanese News,  NHK, which I also follow, reported this.  Later, the Japanese government spokesman, Yoshihide Suga, reported that Japan recognizes that North Korea is likely capable of the delivery of chemical weapons.  Remember that Kim Jong Un is the prime suspect in the death of his half brother Kim Jong Nam, using a chemical weapon in a foreign airport.

                Let's hope that our nation is also speaking with Shinzo Abe.

Thursday, April 13, 2017

A Potential World Destabilizing Event


A nuclear test is slated for this Saturday.

       It is being reported by multiple foreign news sources that Kim Jong Un has ordered a mass evacuation of Pyongyang. Evacuees are not permitted to bring cellular phones. Kim Jong Un has said that an important announcement will be made later this week.   China has moved 150,000 troops to their border with N. Korea in anticipation of war.  The US also as at least one aircraft carrier en route to the region.

          It is known that Kim Jong Un has told all foreign embassies that N. Korea "cannot be responsible for their safety after April 10th".  N. Korea is urging all foreigners to leave. The Russian embassy has refused to leave and says that reports of "extreme tension in Pyonyang" have not been seen by them.

                Some have speculated that testing of nuclear devices is complete and that Kim Jong Un, who has done things that indicate he may well be crazy, may be planning a nuclear war.   China also may have indicated that they will no longer support their neighbor. President Trump also has taken a hard line with N. Korea.  South Korea is also tiring of the tyrant.

              Any type of war on the Korean peninsula has far reaching implications.  South Korea, and the inhabitants of Seoul in particular would be impacted.  Those in Vladivostok and surroundings in Russia would be impacted.  Japan is also quite concerned.  This has all the potential ingredients of a World War III.

            The United States would be invariably drawn in, and that is if we weren't Kim Jong Un's first strike plan.  Please pay close attention to this matter.

Foreign and Other Media's Take on this Issue:

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Introducing "Free at Last", a Memoir by Glenn W. Martin


     Christians aren't immune to fear or to depression.   On a survivalists forum, I think most of us know this.

                          The following book is the story of Glenn W. Martin who overcomes both issues.

           This is a quick and inspiring read with true wisdom that is all too easily forgotten during our journeys here on Earth.


Saturday, March 18, 2017

Introducing the Groundfridge


                Weltevree's Groundfridge is a prefabricated cellar that when installed, keeps a large amount of cheese, wine, fruit and vegetables cool without a requirement for electricity.

                It's capacity is that of about twenty conventional refrigerators.  The temperature is said to go no higher than 50-53 degrees F, which is 10-12 degrees Celsius.  It consists of a polyester shell which has an accompanying staircase and rail. It has a ventilation system, and when people are out, it is airtight and virtually vermin proof.

              It is possible to have a builder build a similar device for you, although it would likely be more expensive than this particular device.  An LED strip lighting package and a cabinet are options that may be added at extra cost.   Shelving is standard.   Floris Schoonderbeek is the designer and the recipient of the 2015 Danish design award for this device.

         Information from Weltevree itself:

The Groundfridge is a buryable, autonomic operating (cooling) cellar. The Groundfridge uses the insulating capacity of the soil and the cooling effect of the underground water. This allows the temperature within the Groundfridge to remain a steady 10 – 12 °C ( 50-53 ºF) throughout the entire year – the perfect temperature to store, for example, fruits, vegetables, wine and cheese.

wine on shelves IIHIH 

No electricity bill
Keeping your food stored chilly without using a refrigerator and thus without using energy? Not only is this possible, it is in fact based on an age-old principle. The Groundfridge has as much storage capacity as 20 refrigerators.

groundfridge fruits and veggies on shelves IIHIH 

How does it work?
The Groundfridge is transported and delivered to you, dug in and covered up with the soil taken from its new lodging place. This covering layer of soil is about 1 meter thick and has ample insulating properties for  a steady core temperature within the Groundfridge as the underground water provides additional cooling. Added benefit: installing the Groundfridge requires no permits, and when digging it in, no soil need be carried off of the premises.

groundfridge mound IIHIH 

20 refrigerator capacity, zero electricity
The Groundfridge has a storage capacity of 3,000 liters. This equals the contents of 20 refrigerators and will store 1,102 lbs (or  500 kg) of food (the harvest of a 250 m2 vegetable garden). That’s enough to prepare 350 meals – enough to feed a family of 5.

groundfridge underground cross section IIHIH


Information between the two sets of undulating lines is the sole work product of Welvetree.

This device will be available all over the world including South Africa and Russia.

In the United States:

Friday, March 3, 2017

Introducing Copper Infused Cloth Products


        People who are interested in preparedness and survivalism are always interested in strategies for avoiding hazards in harsh or difficult circumstances. Most of us are aware of the antimicrobial properties of silver, but few of us have known about the antimicrobial potential of copper infused cloth.  In fact, the Israeli military already uses socks of this type of fabric.

                 Recently, the Sentara Hospital chain in the United States, in an attempt to reduce the number of hospital acquired infections, and particularly MRSA, began using copper infused sheets, towels and hospital gowns. As you may be aware, hospitalized patients who are often vulnerable to infection, may acquire infections within hospital walls. Additionally, the infectious organisms present in hospitals, despite diligent cleaning, are often what the lay public calls "superbugs", infectious agents that are resistant to conventional antibiotic treatment. Therefore the use of copper in cloth could be a great adjunct in containing or reducing nosocomial or hospital acquired infections.

                   Cupron, the company that makes these copper infused fabrics was founded in Israel. It is now based in Richmond, Virginia.  They also sell a copper infused sock intended for diabetics, but that may also be useful to those with vascular issues of the feet, as they too are particularly vulnerable to foot infection. Cupron also makes copper infused solid surfaces for hospital and health care purposes.

                   These products also have applications in many other industries. Imagine how much safer gymnasiums could be if the towels used there, were made of Cupron materials.  Shoes, plastics and cosmetics could also be made in this way.

                 I am particularly happy to bring news of this to the preparedness and survival communities.  I hope to see more of these products soon.

About Cupron

Cupron's Manufacturing process 

Friday, February 24, 2017

On Chemical and Radiologic Weapons


(Photo: PIR Center)

        When Alexander Litvinenko was poisoned in London at a tea house with polonium that could only have come from the Russian government or military, people were shocked and upset. When Litvinenko fell ill and was hospitalized, and polonium was eventually discovered as the cause, law enforcement and the medical establishment realized that not only was a man poisoned and murdered, but a swath of innocent people in a foreign land were exposed as well. Everyone from the people in the plane that transported the polonium from Russia, to those in the tea house, those in the tube train, those walking down to street, in addition to the physicians and nurses in the hospital, were all exposed. This is why such an action should not be forgotten. Litvinenko was actually a British subject at the time of his killing. Whomever killed Litvinenko didn't care that citizens in another land might die as well.

                    Two weeks ago, Kim Jong Nam, the elder brother of North Korea's leader Kim Jong Un, was similarly murdered.  VX Nerve gas has been found on his face and on his eyes on autopsy. Four presumed North Korean agents are said to have placed the VX on his face as he walked through the airport in Kuala Lampur in Malaysia. Minutes later he died in an ambulance on the way to a hospital. One of the attackers began vomiting presumably due to exposure to the agent, despite the fact that she tried to wash it off her hands in a bathroom.

             Since Kim Jong Nam was actually the elder brother, and had wanted to ease toward democracy in North Korea, had he ever become it's leader, his father, Kim Jong Il, decided to make Kim Jong Un his successor. The elder Kim Jong Nam was a close as North Korea would ever have had to a reformer. His father had wanted this beloved brother to be left alone. Kim Jong Nam therefore spent a lot of time in university in Switzerland, and learning about technology. Most recently he was living in China and took fairly frequent trips to Malaysia. He traveled often and was the father of a number of children.

             Once again, N. Korea, strongly felt to be the body who ordered this hit, thought nothing of exposing those in a foreign land to the most dangerous chemical weapon known to man. This should have implications for any nation that had even polite relations with N. Korea.

               A new dimension to terrorism has begun. The use of chemical and radiological weapons as a means to completing a hit have been acceptable now to two nations. Such actions, if continued, are likely to impact the innocent as well. VX can be delivered to thousands in a number of ways.  Neither of these killings should be forgotten. Such weapons exist and there are those on Earth who will not hesitate to use them.

VX Gas