Sunday, June 14, 2020

Blood Types and COVID-19

                     One of the challenges in COVID-19, is predicting who might require hospitalization or who might require intensive care level intervention as a consequence of complications of COVID-19. It is not as simple as whose who are elderly, and it isn't as simple as those who have an underlying or chronic medical issue.  Several months ago, I recall a couple of newspapers claiming that some physicians had indicated that some blood types had shown more of a proclivity to developing complications with COVID-19 than others, and I even remember being asked about this.  My answer at the time was that this is interesting, but that a couple of different research centers would need to confirm this, otherwise it changes nothing for us. It simply means that we all need to take the precautions as directed.

                   Today, I received an article from what should be an authoritative source on the matter, The American Journal of Nursing.  From the study described in the article, it does appear as if those with Type O blood appear to be capable of managing the illness in most cases, and that Type A individuals have had more complications.  It's an interesting article, and since a number of you asked me about it, I am simply going to provide you with the link to it here.

                 COVID-19 is not yet over. Please continue to be cautious.

Just after I posted this, the National Institute of Health's director, posted very similar findings.

Wednesday, June 10, 2020

A Word to the Wise is Sufficient


                 Why is the woman who has been writing posts on preparedness and survival here for the last twelve years, fairly silent, as the United States deteriorates into looting and insurrection?   Rational Preparedness is about situational and regional awareness and family and personal preparation. It's about knowing enough about your own health, diagnoses and the diagnoses of your family to care for them properly in between physician visits. It's about knowing enough about your animals to care for them properly and to take them with you, should you have to depart from your home.  In the last twelve years, we have discussed self defense, health management, growing food, homeschooling issues, purchasing supplies, emergency kits, tools, reasonable stockpiling, animal care, landscaping for safety and privacy, cabins and bug-out locations, and when we evaluate sheltering-in-place against a family evacuation.

                    We weren't planning for things that might happen. We were planning for issues that would eventually emerge in one manner or another.  It has been no secret that American public schools have been deteriorating sharply for years. History has been flattened and extracted, and alternate history has been taught to most young people. Consequently, many of them are gullible and don't have the measure of skepticism they should. Their education has not prepared them to be thinking individuals and so they can't ask the correct questions. Many have not been prepared to support themselves, and many hold huge amounts of debt for an education which in itself, has handicapped them.  In addition, we have a deterioration of morality all over the world.  A collapse of cultures is bound to occur, and many thought it would come sooner than this.

                    Without getting too deeply into politics here, we also have a problem. We have rotten apples in media who ignore happenings and stories that may be important, only to present stories which may or not not be true at all, simply because they advance the agenda they wish to push. We have decent American people doing their jobs, caring for their families, helping charities and perhaps churches and doing an excellent job, and we have the disenfranchised who simply want to tear down anything they wish. They claim that they have a purpose in doing so, but they don't. They are simply expressing rage.   In addition, the groups stoking insurrection would have us believe that we have racial problems in the US.  Although nothing is perfect, the members if different races who are working together, fare better than most people, US and foreign realize.  In the US, we have had a black president, black governors, lots of African American and black physicians of all specialties from other nations. We have lots of African American attorneys. People of all races have lots of opportunities to learn whatever they wish in the US. Many of them are quite wealthy now, and are CEOs of substantial businesses.  African Americans continue to make significant opportunities in sports, the arts, music, fashion and design.  Many journalists and editors in some of the largest newspapers and magazines are African Americans and many are high ranking police officials and high ranking military officers.  We mustn't forget this.  We are being asked to war between different factions of our society in order to collapse our government.  We must be better than that. We must reject what we know not to be true.

                 So, continue to find a source of reasonable news.  Listen and then turn it off. Take care of your family. Make plans that allow you to continue to do the job. Read the posts here.  Shelter in place when necessary, and evacuate if needed.  2020 is indeed a difficult year, for everyone. Do what you need to do to care for yourself, your family, your property and your animals. There are twelve years of posts to help you tackle some of the things you have not yet planned to do. Those who pay attention should survive this year's upheavals.