Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year


   To all of our subscribers and to those of you who log on frequently to whatever we are doing, rather than actually subscribe, I would like to wish you the happiest of New Years.   Remember that even on years in which the globe does not do well, that your family still can have reasonable expectations and can survive and become more self sufficient right where you are.
            I do want to call your attention to something though, my friend Denob has temporarily ceased his show called "Movin On Out".   He does do an excellent blog centered on survival topics which is focused on Canada. While he is off for awhile, this would be an excellent time to catch up on his prior posts and ideas about many different things, whether you are Canadian or not.

          As for me, I will continue right here from the United States. bringing you my thoughts on simply strategies for family health, preparedness, family economic stability, and expressing my concerns for a world which in most places, appears to be in decline.

           My family and I wish each and every one of you, an excellent New Year in which you find spiritual, financial, and familial satisfaction and security.

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