Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Another Aftershock

     I think I am getting sick of all the aftershocks.   There have been almost 100 aftershocks since the 5.8 earthquake which occurred in Central Virginia in August, 2011.    Most of those have been notated by the US Geologic Survey, as above, but many of them have not.   This is why USGS has been seen placing additional devices in various parts of the commonwealth.  Aftershocks aren't just an annoyance. Their effects are cumulative.  A road which may be fine may collapse following experiencing multiple low level quakes characterized as aftershocks.   There is lots of damage here in Central Virginia from aftershocks which are fairly close to the surface of the soil.  I am concerned that these may not be aftershocks but foreshocks, a preparation for an additional severe quake which is yet to come.

Louisa High School is a modern building.  To this day, Louisa students have an amended school schedule where buildings are shared because the damage from the quake has made using the buildings unsafe.

This is very typical damage following the initial 5.8 quake

This is the interior of the Louisa High School shown by a student, after the August quake.


This is very typical damage in Louisa


                        This is an historic home in Louisa County.   It has been braced, but is not yet repaired.

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The Central Virginia Earthquake Clearinghouse, for information and for use of some of the pictures used in this post.


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