Tuesday, January 24, 2012

America a Laughing Stock Even Among Friends

This tongue in cheek video is amusing in spots, has some inappropriate and vile language.

The last few years of US politics has been even more difficult for the rest of the country to understand. To be frank, it's been difficult for those of us who grew up and were educated here to fathom as well.

The United States has some Laws, Rules and Protections that are not well understood in other nations. Until recently, our Constitution was king, and every law, federal, state or municipal could not stand against the protections as outlined in our Constitution. There are a couple of ways of thinking about the Constitution. One is that it is the basis for all US Law and that in original form, it was as near a perfect document as has ever been written, and that all laws which follow must not violate the principles of our US Constitution. The other way of thinking is espoused by the Obama administration. They believe the US Constitution to be an archaic document which simply no longer applies and therefore can be ignored. This has left our country as a place where Constitutionalists and anti-Constitutionalists battle over most everything. Sadly, it just seems to me that despite Obama's education, he simply doesn't seem to understand the US Constitution very well.

This is a link to the document, and information also:


They do however, correctly evaluate the situation,

"If your neighbor's house is on fire and the fire is peeling your paint, you can either open the marshmallows or grab a hose. This is one man's attempt to grab a hose."

His comment about "uneducated people from Southern borders coming to take their jobs (in Canada) is inaccurate. Canada voraciously protects its jobs from non-Canadians. Only those who enter using the stringent and difficult immigration progress may enter and stay in Canada.

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