Wednesday, January 11, 2012

From Lehman's......Non Electric Kitchen Tools

As I have indicated before, as of this date I receive no specific benefits or payment from any of the companies I tell you about. I simply relate the information with no "axe to grind". Eventually, this might change, and then I would have to let you know who has a business interest in this particular blog and its activities.
Until then, we will continue as always. One of the places I really love as a source for really unusual farm and living supplies is:

Lehmans has just about everything you might want as a rural or as a person who values self sufficient living. They have some supplies which are US made, and a good deal of unusual things which may only be found there.

This is a Texas Pea Sheller.  

From Lehman's Ad:
Finally, an efficient way to shell peas and beans - much faster than hand shelling!
  • Peas or beans are squeezed from their hulls             US $44.95 plus shipping
  • Can be motorized (handle shaft attaches to portable mixers)
  • Tough nylon gears
  • Aluminized steel body
  • No-slip serrated plastic rollers
  • 4"H x 4"W
  • Clamps to surfaces from 3/4" to 1 3/4" thick
  • 2 lb
Note: May bruise or crush some peas, especially if they're not completely fresh and properly ripe.

This is a non-electric food processer.   It sells for US $179.95 plus postage

From Lehman's Ad:

Transform mundane fruits and vegetables into eye-catching specialties
Lehman's USA Made Product
  • Five 4"OD cutter cones: Shredder (hard cheese, potatoes, carrots), Stringer (shoestring potatoes), French Fry Cutter (mini-sized fries, apple slices for snacks or salads), Slicer (carrots, pickles, onions), and Crinkle Cutter (ridged potato chips or fancy scalloped carrots)
  • Immovable suction cup base
  • Chrome plated body, ever-sharp steel knives and safety finger guard
  • 9 ¾"H, 4 lbs.

This is Lehman's best butter churn.  It sells for US $139.95
I like this because despite the fact that my family uses very little butter, we do use it rather than substitutes. We like to make butter in ice cube trays,  and then freeze it.  This way, your family only takes a small amount of butter from the freezer to the frij. once in awhile, lets it defrost and then uses it.  It's widely believed that small amounts of butter may be healthy in terms of allowing us to absorb fat soluble vitamins such as Vitamins A, D, E and K.

From Lehman's Ad:

Based on the Dazey churn from the past
Lehman's USA Made Product Lehman's Exclusive Product See Lehman's Exclusive Products
Whip up a batch of butter in as little as 30 minutes! Similar to the well-known "Dazey" churn found in antique stores.
  • Handle at top of gear assembly helps hold the churn steady
  • Metal frame, wooden handle, stainless steel dasher
  • Square glass jar holds 4 quarts, churns 2½ quarts
  • 15½"H, 4½ lb
  • Also includes FREE Making Cheese, Butter and Yogurt booklet (#A283) which contains many tips, recipes and resources for making and using homemade dairy products.
  These are simply a few of the things I chose to profile from the Lehman's internet catalog.  Please take a look yourself.  Most of them are pricey enough that most of us could only get one at a time, but they are well made enough to allow us to perform our kitchen work for many years, and many of us are looking for appliances which operate without electricity.
     Thank you to our Mennonite friends who help to direct us from time to time to simpler ways we could do the things we need to do each day.


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