Sunday, January 1, 2012

More Americans Seeking to Live Outside the United States

It figuratively feels as if the United States flag is being riddled with bullet holes.  Many believe that the the US is headed for an economic collapse and that the US dollar is likely to lose its position as the world's reserve currency

     I have always been in the business of helping people.  When they are my patient, I aid them in that regard. When they are my student, I aid them in the process of becoming a health care worker. When they are my patient and are being discharged with a piece of medical equipment essential for their survival, then I take great pains to make such they understand and can operate such a piece of machinery.  It was a logical step for me to evolve to the point at which I  help families, those with young children, or those with a chronic medical condition to prepare in anticipation of disasters for times when supplies might not be as readily available as they are normally.
           The last five years in the United States have not been easy for many people. Increasingly, the middle class, who used to comprise most Americans, are being squeezed out.  Health care costs and costs of health insurance have been so high, that many people with good jobs, who chose to take care of their children, lost their own teeth, because they could not afford to take care of themselves as well.   Inflation began to get a foothold about five years ago.  Car prices, home prices, insurance prices, all began to rise, as did taxes.  I should make clear though, that although the US does not have an HST like Canada, or a VAT like England, there are many other hidden taxes.  There are taxes on income, then state taxes on income. There are taxes on fuel, and then personal property taxes annually on cars.  There are state sales taxes, and then restaurant taxes.  When you sell something and make a profit, there are capital gains taxes.   We may not have the taxes that many nations have, but taxes are loaded into many things.  By the time I get a dollar, it has in fact been taxed many times. Then I also need to pay social security tax, for pensions for people over 65.   Still, our legislators on both the state and the federal level continue to spend.  Sometimes they spend wisely, but often they do not.  Sometimes they spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on a study of something which common sense dictates is unwise.   The result is that many people have lost homes.  Many other people, who used to consider themselves middle class are going to foodbanks to get enough food in order to make it to the next payday.  More people are receiving foodstamps in the US than ever have at any other time.
              President Obama did not create the challenges in which the United States finds itself, however most people feel he hasn't been much help either.  He also has done a number of things which mainstream America consider unpopular. Most Americans did not want "Obamacare" health program to pass and become law prior to anyone reading it, but it in fact did.  Many Americans believe that the President pushed this agenda which was clearly against the wishes of Americans.  He has also passed a number of laws and executive orders which most Americans feel erode the US Constitution.   The party in opposition has done done a particularly good job of opposing the Obama Regime.   The result is that most Americans want Obama out, but they aren't terribly comfortable with those running for president who oppose him.    In addition, most Americans understand that a mechanism needs to exist whereby people from other nations who wish to emigrate to the United States may do so legally.  Our present system is cumbersome and unclear.  We also do need to do something about the huge numbers of illegal aliens coming to the US, who actually may be criminals above and beyond their working here illegally.  None of the people running for US president really plan to address this, and many Americans have lost jobs to illegals.
               I have never known a time in which so many Americans wish to leave the United States. Many people who still have some cash in reserve are considering Belize, Costa Rica, Uruguay, Brazil, Australia, and other nations.   As recently as a year ago, I had friends considering Europe.  There is even a magazine devoted to helping American relocate, called 
              Americans  need to make a decision.  They can abandon the land of their birth and watch it be destroyed or they can stand and fight and demand that their country adopt a sensible budget and move forward in a frugal manner.  Perhaps the reason I find this so disturbing , is that I have no plans for where to go.  Canada especially does not welcome American families with open arms.

This is President Barack Hussein Obama.    This is who we have now.

These are our choices when most of us choose to vote out Obama.  This candidate is Newt Gingrich, the former Speaker of the House (when we still had a balanced budget)
This is candidate Michelle Bachmann. She is strong against illegal immigration but is not doing well according to pollsters.
This is Mitt Romney.  He created state run health care in Massachusetts which has been disastrous. He is a middle-of-the-road Republican.
This is Rick Perry. Well liked as the Governor of Texas, he has made some faux pas while tired. He also gave illegal immigrants in-state tuition while Governor, something many of us don't like as we are struggling to send our own children to colleges and career schools.
This is Ron Paul.  He is a Libertarian.  Most Americans like his ideas with regard to domestic financial policies and he seems to have a grasp of this, however, his views of foreign policy seem naive as he seems to think the US can hide in a cardboard box rather than deal with any of its neighbors.
This is Rick Santorum, a former Senator, who is a true conservative Republican.  He might be the best choice though most Americans don't really know who he is.