Monday, August 5, 2013

Answering Your Questions


    I get a fair number of questions where people, often those who haven't really been following the blog and simply need a question answered, send an e-mail.  Sometimes this prompts me to do an entire post, and other times, a quick answer makes more sense.  Today I am simply going to answer some of the questions which surface on occasion, some of which are actually answered in other longer posts which came prior.

Q:/ How many silver 1 oz. ingots or rounds do I need to pay for my kid's college ?

No one can tell you that, or should try.  I will tell you what our financial advisor says to us.  Everyone should work hard to diversify any holdings they have.  We should first find a job. We should set up a savings account where a small amount goes to savings with each paycheck.  We should do the same with a retirement account, even if all we can sock away at the beginning is five dollars a paycheck.  We should have as a goal for the future, a balance of some real estate, a cushion of savings which should be 3-6 months of your family's expenses. (Many people think that should now be a year.)  It is my opinion that we should stock a years worth of freexe dried food for our families (again, gathered slowly and this is a goal)   Some gold and silver is a good way to diversify a portfolio, but it's not smart for everyone, so you should consider this carefully.  I give some silver as a gift to kids on birthdays, but I tend to make these numismatic coins also. I don't understand the stock market well and I am fearful of it, however my father always did well there. The stock market is a viable means to diversifying your assets.  Remember, you can invest in the things which are in demand in a downed world economy, you don't have to invest in companies which make luxury goods.
     I don't know if you will ever be able to pay for college using silver rounds, however my county is considering whether residents should be able to pay their property taxes in gold.

Q:/ Will D-Mannose work for my recurrent urinary tract infection which cultures out as proteus mirabilis ?

No, D-Mannose is remarkable in that it makes it almost impossible for E-coli microorganisms to stick to the lining of the urinary tract. Since most urinary tract infections are caused by E-coli, it makes a big different in those types of recurrent infections.  However, it has no ability to impede the progress of a urinary tract infection which has cultured out proteus mirabilis, klebsiella enterobacter or any others.
      I suppose that if you had a uti where both e-coli and proteus were contaminants of the urinary tract then there could be some perceived improvement, but the proteus uti would remain, and would need to be attended to.

Q:/ Did anyone ever find Jonny Dorey, missing from Virginia Commonwealth University, or Ian Burnet, missing from a trip to NYC while in his senior year at VCU ?

No, both of them remain missing without a trace.

Q:/ Has anyone located Lauren Spierer, also missing ?

 Yes, Lauren Spierer remains missing also.

Q:/ Do you really believe that the United States could be headed for an economic collapse of some type ?

I am increasingly of the opinion that it probably cannot be avoided as the President and the Senate appear not to be able to rein in spending. Seventeen trillion dollars in debt is an incredible amount for our nation to owe.

Q:/   Has anyone ever been arrested or indicted in the murder of Keith Ratliff, a 32 year of business partner of FPS Russia, aka Kyle Myers ?

 My understanding is that despite the fact that Kyle was out of town when the murder occurred, he was questioned rather strenuously by federal authorities before they realized he is not involved.   There has still been no arrest in the case of Keith Ratliff's murder.  Keith was also a husband and a father of young children.

Q:/ What ever happened in the Eileen Hart case ?

Because anything can happen in a court of law (particularly in New Jersey),  Eileen chose to plead guilty on a far reduced charge of misdemeanor disturbing the peace.  She therefore cannot be recharged or retried in this case, in which she was originally charged with "Making Terroristical Threats".  She did get her guns back.          She still has substantial legal fees which was probably the reason she was charged in the first place. (Sometimes people are charged knowing full well they will spend a huge sum defending themselves and this will make them a less effective adversary on other issues in the future.)  You can contribute to the Eileen Hart Legal Defense Fund.     Anything helps.

Q:/  Do you take dietary supplements and if so;  what do you take ?

Everyone should run whatever they plan to take as a supplement, by their doctor.  Supplements have real value and can be detrimental depending upon your issues.   For example, echinacea really works at arming the immune system, but if you have an autoimmune disorder, you are arming it, which is a very negative thing to be doing.
        I do take supplements which are all approved by my doctors.   I take a generic Centrum-like multi-vitamin.  I take some fairly low dose calcium citrate.  I take Coenzyme Q-10 400 mg. daily.  I take taurine, and supplemental magnesium daily.  I also have a shockingly excellent diet, and I don't smoke, don't drink and never have. I eat a lot of fruit, a lot of cabbage, and a little bit of chocolate whenever I can.

Q:/   How is the son that you and your husband adopted several years ago ?

 He is almost 18, and is in the throes of deciding whether he should attend college and commute from home. Kids who are adopted as teens often have a protracted launch and find this a challenging time. He is no exception. Although life transitions are often bumpier and tougher for them, he gets through, and does the right thing most of the time. I have no doubt that he will find his way.

Q:/  What would surprise people to know about you ?

 I will admit to being a lousy cook, and I hate to cook.   Fortunately, my husband is a great cook. and so are all four of my sons.   Our daughter is a good cook and is developing quite a repertoire. .  I don't mind cleaning up after anyone else cooks, even at Thanksgiving..  I'll bet you have guessed that I don't much enjoy proofreading either.

Q:/  Do you and your family still like your Simple Pump ?

Yes !   Although we are certainly not paid to endorse it, and don't have a financial interest in it, we adore it.  Ours has been installed to pressurize the water system in our house in the event of a power outage, so all we need to do it go out, pump it for a little while, and we have water in the house.   We can also change a setting on the outside of the pump and pump water at that location too.  I have said in the past that it probably is the single most important action we took here in terms of preparedness. The Simple Pump was worth the money and those efforts

Our experience with The Simple Pump

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