Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Why is the TSA Taking on an Expanded Role ?

TSA agents

       In Obamaworld the IRS is doing such an incredible job that they are now going to be charged with the enforcement and collection for Obamacare.   Am I the only person who is uncomfortable with this ?   A portion of my return was audited last year and it held up my refund until September.
            Mr. Obama has also expanded his role. He acts as Congress when they are closed for the evening or the weekend.
            The latest governmental agency to have its role expanded is the TSA (Transportation Safety Administration)   This group became endeared to us by confiscating our teeny Swiss army knives, and our nailclippers, while poking us repeatedly in the sanitary napkin before boarding a plane.   The TSA, according to radio and other authorities, is now able to search people and cars without a warrant," for administrative purposes", at sporting events, festivals, and even rodeos.   These traveling TSA officers are not the ordinary TSA dolts, but special VIPR (yes, pronounced viper) teams, who are specially trained for "today's crowded and complex environments". This stands for Visible Intermodal Prevention and Response Squads. 
             It seems that the Obama Regime continues to expand government, particularly branches with intimidation powers, and to spend more and more money we don't have in order to monitor citizenry.  With each passing day, or should I say holiday, normal Americans have fewer and fewer rights.  What happens when there are more people working for the federal government than people with jobs who are able to pay taxes to support these jobs ?   There is a collapse.  At that time, would the regime take over, suspending all individual rights as stated in the Constitution, including the rights to own property ?

Just in case you are tempted to call me a "naysayer",  I am simply relating this information.  Much sharper minds than mine have expressed big concerns over these issues.

As always, here are the references:

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        What's next ?  Is Mr. Obama going to sign an emperor's edict which says that we all need to carry everything from schoolbooks to purse in clear plastic bags for purposes of easy search and seizure, while in the United States ?    Will Obamacare wave a wand and enable Registered Nurses to do abdominal surgeries at all VA Hospitals, following a quick internet module ?   I might be qualified to teach college level anatomy and physiology and nursing courses, but should that be expanded to teaching university level bridge building, architecture, automotive engineering,  or mining ?  Gosh, I hope not.

We need to tell our Congressmen and Senators that this is unacceptable.  They cannot guarantee our safety 100% of the time, at any financial cost.   If we can be searched at the county fair by the TSA, simply on a whim,  then how is America different from the early days of Adolph Hitler's Germany or from North Korea ?    Aren't these things that were done by the USSR before it fell in the early nineties ?


Sunnybrook Farm said...

Now you are getting the idea, we are in the early days of a socialist government that takes care of the people. The big difference is that people could flee from the Nazi socialists and come to the US. Now there is no where to go and no one to send a liberation army.

JaneofVirginia said...

People are still fleeing, but whether they will be any better off is a grand speculation.

Gorges Smythe said...

I wish I had something wise or witty to say, but all I can come up with is "unbelievable."

JaneofVirginia said...

Yes, it's a freight train headed for a choke hold on America.

dmarks said...

The M.O. of Obama and the Democrats in regards to the TSA and Homeland Security is to force all the workers into the union, overpay them, and forcibly siphon off a good junk of the money to union dues... erm Democratic political contributions. And consideration to important security matters does happen on occasion, but it is secondary to this blatant corruption.

This is why the Democrat Party goes ballistic when the question of giving workers a choice in whether or not to pay these dues (I.e. contributions to the Democrats) comes up. Protecting workers' rights would break this cycle of corruption. Also, when given a choice, at least half of workers currently forced into unions quit the union.