Monday, August 5, 2013

Call Me Cynical

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        It's hard to be positive about the future in the United States, at least in the short term.  Almost each time there is a holiday, Mr. Obama pushes through an Executive Edict which limits or takes more of our Constitutional rights away, and almost no one except foreign news sources and folks in the blogosphere express concern.   Somehow, when our chief diplomat in Benghazi, Libya, his team, and the Special Forces staff came under attack, our present administration failed to send help and our former Secretary of State says while being questioned during a Congressional Inquiry, "What difference does it make now ?"  No one seems to be answering these questions.   Our federal government owes almost 17 trillion dollars and at some point when we can't pay just the interest, who knows what happens ?   Certainly, the US dollar will cease to be the World's Reserve Currency, as it has been since the British pound sterling occupied that slot until after the last world war.  When the dollar is no longer the World Reserve Currency, the US will no longer have the easy international credit it has enjoyed. If you think there's no industry here now, wait until then.  Meanwhile our own NSA is "capturing data" concerning our phone and internet use for later review. Even the Obamunists are starting to say, "Hey, wait a minute".
                All of a sudden, hold the line.  We have "an increase in terrorist chatter" which matches the amount we had before 9-11.  You mean we had an increase in chatter and didn't have an alert before 9-11 ?     All of a sudden, the US closes more than twenty of its embassies yesterday, because they have heard that the aspiring "terrorists are in position".    Now, the US government has decided to keep these embassies closed for a week.
               Am I being cynical or does it sound fishy to you ?   We have an awful lot of problems domestically. I just don't believe anything the current regime says anymore. The House and the Senate don't get points for honesty lately either. Where is their outrage for the things which have clearly gone on ?    We have Benghazi, anger over the actions of Attorney General Eric Holder, more dilutions of the Constitution, Mr. Obama planning more vacations for more millions, We have an IRS scandal. We have domestic anger and uncertainty over the NSA's "capture" of our private phone and internet data.  We have the swollen IRS poised to enforce Obamacare when everyone agrees that parts of it will be truly financially detrimental to the nation as a whole, and not too healthy for health care here either.  The IRS was doing so well with it's other assignment too.   We have Edward Snowden gaining temporary Russian asylum.  We have desperate attempts to furthur regulate and control guns in the US.  Even mainstream financial analysts think that Detroit may signal the beginning of a host of American cities declaring bankruptcy, and ultimately an American financial collapse.   Does it seem just a little convenient to you that a mythical terrorist attack is being watched for perhaps to reunite us under a common purpose, and to enable the Obama Regime to tighten the cuffs just a bit more, and take over more aspects of American life ?

       On a slightly different topic, this is a very popular video in Egypt.  Somewhat more suggestive than I thought Muslim women, even belly dancers, were.


Ian H said...

Cynical? Or realist?

JaneofVirginia said...

I always think I am a realist, but I am open to being told that I am being cynical here.

Sunnybrook Farm said...

These guys know what they are doing, they know how to take advantage of our system of government, the guy's friends were 60's radicals, they know how to bring the country to it's knees and take total control. The word lie means nothing, it is acceptable behavior, look at russia in 1917, once in control it will be hard to get rid of, like a virus as it is within.

lotta joy said...

In Florida, a Muslim terrorist could run down the street naked, with bombs strapped to his chest, but the evening news would still be full of TRAYVON, TRAYVON, TRAYVON.

JaneofVirginia said...

Yes, within the past year, a Coptic Christian was murdered by his Muslim extremist roommates, and was decapitated, cut into little pieces and buried by them. This managed to be on a state police website, but mainstream media missed it completely. An agenda exists, and truth and reality have no part in it.
Good to hear from you again, my friend.

Linda said...

I am totally annoyed that the muslims say we should not talk about muslims and what they do wrong.

My friend came back from her year in Yemen as a Fulbright Fellowship scholar and was preparing to return. She was at my house considering what to pack. She was fingering a lavender satin bra, wondering aloud if she should take it with her. I remarked that she might feel better with it on since she could only wear a black robe i made with a hood, her answer to head covering. She told me that all the veiled women would come together for a meeting of only women at a home or party. Those women in burqas wore sheer, sheer blouses with colored bras of lace and satin and pushup. Since there were no men, they were allowed to dress this way under the veils. Se took the lavender satin bra to Yemen.

JaneofVirginia said...

Thanks for posting, Linda. I don't have a problem with how they dress in their own country and what they do within their own culture. They should not be trying to impose restrictions on ours. I am with Thomas Jefferson, on extreme Muslims.