Monday, April 8, 2013

Preparing for Economic Collapse

It would take surprisingly little to render grocery store shelves as empty as the ammunition shelves at most Wal Mart stores.

Last evening I was planning a post on preparing for economic collapse, on a family by family basis. This can be tricky because no one can really know exactly how a financial collapse can occur, and how it will play out.   It seems that the type of post I wished to write has already been written, because when I logged on to "The Economic Collapse Blog", I found the excellent blog post below.
     Please take a look at this important work.


  1. Replies
    1. Jason, I have left this link intact for those who wish to explore it, though I do not know of this company and this product. However, the type of economic collapse we fear would likely collapse such a company as readily as it would collapse our own personal finances.

    2. Thanks Jane. With proper economic reform, for sure you guys can outdo it. :)

  2. Thanks for posting, Jason. We're certainly going to try !

  3. I worry about the economy in America. More so after the Obama re-election. I feel things may be falling apart even if we cannot see it. I started this blog more so to teach myself new and interesting ways to aid in surviving any pitfalls from post economic fallout. Whatever I pick up on the way I am more than happy to share.
    survive our collapse

    1. David, Thanks for posting. I hope you peruse the last six hundred plus posts which have been written here in the past two years or so, also. Best wishes with your new blog.