Sunday, August 18, 2013

A Couple of Thoughts on Tyrants

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       I wanted to bring the following website to your attention.


 While we are mentioning tyrants and tyranny, I thought some of you might enjoy this song.  It seems timely.

Sarah Slean                                                                                  Napoleon

The words to this song, written, sung, arranged and accompanied by Sarah,( who also conducts when she has a hand free.)  This song was written in the last few years, and is just a shade apocalyptic.

These are the lyrics if you didn't catch them.

Under great golden statues
There is an ancient grave
The Emperor's foot is restless
There's something he wants to say
To the princes of lazy science
And the merchants of holy war
He had but one instruction
Be careful with metaphor

So every nation be warned
As soon as the last one is mourned
Another tyrant is born.

To the pirates that came to follow
Itching to wrench on the reins of force
Napoleon sent a message
Don't get high on your only horse.

So every nation be warned
As soon as the last one is mourned
Another tyrant is born.

Mother, I've fear of madness
'Cause I've heard him call my name.
I followed his ghostly finger.
And I saw the world in flames.


BBC said...

I don't take care of myself anyway so I don't care. But we'll never come with a health care plan everyone would be happy with, couldn't afford it. People are basically self destructive and then wanting doctors to save them.

JaneofVirginia said...

I don't think the issue is a healthcare plan with which everyone is happy. I think the issue is that all of us, unless we are Congressmen or Muslims who are excused, are legally required to buy a particular plan from a particular exchange. How can forcing people to buy insurance of any kind be Constitutional ? Additionally, Obamacare is now admitted to be costing Americans three to four times more than it was originally said to. America will be paying more for less healthcare, and for fewer choices.
As for self destructive behaviors, some patients are self destructive. I've seen it, and I've also seen it reverse when someone has an MI or a cancer diagnosis.
I don't think the objective should be health care everyone loves, but I do think dialysis and organ transplants should be decided by the patient and his family coupled with input from his physicians, rather than a bureaucrat who is simply allocating care based on arbitrary guidelines.

Linda said...

At my age and with the fibromyalgia, I am basically useless by any guidelines. How can you measure the worth of a human being. I will not longer be bearing children, working at a job. So, I should die.

JaneofVirginia said...

Our parents, and our older generation are very valuable, whether they are bearing children, or earning money or not. Our parents help to support us in important decision making, especially with regard to our children, or in challenging times like these. Our parents or those who are older can teach our children to read, do math, or develop an appreciation for music or art. Our parents and grandparents help to give us a perspective in the world, and information on our own families. If there is no pressing need for support and help within our own families, there are always other children or neighbors who can benefit. I was taught music and to play piano by a neighbor I thought had simply been a naval nurse. A few years ago, I learned that there is a Navy Museum in DC devoted to her. She was a Lt. Cmdr. in the Navy Nurses Corps and was stationed in Pearl Harbor when it was hit. She might have been retired by the time I knew her, but her contributions to my life were immeasurable. I miss my mother and father and both of my in-laws immensely. There is great value in making health care available to all our citizens, so long as they also want it. I did allow my father to pass at a time of his choosing, rather than to side with the university physician who wanted to try some experimental surgeries. I miss my Dad very much, but I made the decision he clearly has asked for, both then, and much earlier in his life.

Sunnybrook Farm said...

In the last decade, our government has done to the country what no terrorist ever came close to doing. The only way to take the USA was from within and they were successful tyrant or not, it didn't matter to half the voters.

JaneofVirginia said...

How sad, and if I hadn't seen it myself I would never have believed it.

Kristin said...

Haunting song- thank you for sharing.

JaneofVirginia said...

Kristin, She has a fifteen year history of writing everything from pop and rock to jazz, cabaret, and classical. She has an amazing body of work. Check out her double album "Land and Sea" on Youtube. I bought the album, and her broad range of talent is quite amazing.