Tuesday, March 13, 2012

A Source for Some Interesting and Unusual Items

This is the Zodi Extreme shower system, which we have discussed before on this blog.  This is one of the items sold by this company.  Please see the myriad of replacement parts.

       As you know, although I has a few sponsors for my radio program, the blog venture is entirely mine, and I have no sponsors who pay me anything to talk about their products. Anything I discuss I am looking at with likely as critical an eye as you.


          Recently, a company commented positively to one of my posts here, and I thought, because they have some interesting products for our purposes, that I should bring them to your attention.

   The company is:   Online Survival Supplies

               http://onlinesurvivalsupplies.com/                    Phone:  (208) 263-6027

                                                     (This is the Bonner Co., Sandpoint, Nebraska area)

   They have a supply of Augason Farms freeze dried canned food,  and a line of Wise foods as well.  They stock grab and go styled packaging, ideal for camping, and also plastic cased long term food storage items as well.   They sell a variety of military styled medical kits,  and a pretty wonderful set of dental emergency supplies.  I like the deluxe emergency dental kit for $30. especially.    They have a variety of gun and home safes, and a variety of floor safes.  They have a variety of feminine hygiene organic supplies and they even sell a menstrual cup for women with latex sensitivities.   They sell the Zodi Extreme Shower we have discussed before, but they also sell replacement component parts for it.   Most survival supply houses do not sell blast doors and hatches, but this company does.  Of course, some of these materials are not inexpensive, but this provides us with one more supplier and another set of excellent ideas.

          It is unusual for a company to sell items for geodesic shelter construction, so this would be an excellent time to check out their website.
One of the things this company sells is the gluten free Lecithin granules for only $4.89 US for a 14.2 oz. can.  Check out their large can of Iodized salt for about five dollars.

        They also sell everything from solar cookers to rocket stoves, lights, solar panels and universal inverters, LED lighting system, and a wheat grinder.  This is definitely a place to continue your education.

       I would normally include more pictures, but their internet catalog is set not to permit my importing their photographs to blog, so the pictures of these available products have come from other sources.   I have not yet purchased from this company myself, but again, competition and variety is good, and this enhances our education as well.

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