Wednesday, March 7, 2012

On Radon Continuous Monitoring

In the past I have used cannister type radon monitoring units that you use, after sampling as directed, to send to the company which establishes a reading. I have been aware that for about $800. US, one can buy a continuous sampling electronic device, which is quite accurate. This is the type used by radon contractors in multiple areas of a home when they are assessing whether radon abatement of some type may be necessary. Recently, I discovered that there is a device which originally sold for about $170. (US $) which can continuously sample the air for radon, not unlike the manner in which a carbon monoxide detector samples on a continuous basis.

         You can purchase this unit for the discounted price of about $129.00 from :

      Keep in mind that this unit needs to be sent to its manufacturer annually for calibration.  I have not yet purchased this unit myself, but within the next month I probably will, and then I can report on its workings as well as whether I see the potential spike in radon emissions prior to an earthquake or an aftershock.

        If Radon at Tahoe is sold out, you might try for the same unit which may be available at another supplier.

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