Thursday, March 8, 2012

More Information on Food Storage

          Because I have a large family and a lot of sons who tend to eat a fair bit, a lot of my food supplies are stored in food grade buckets with mylar liners, with the appropriate number of oxygen absorbers, with a gamma lid.

The top of his container has a blue gamma sealed lid, which unscrews.

This is how a Gamma lid works  (Picture:

Gamma lids come in different colors so you actually could color code certain supplies. (Photo: the

                   Ronald from Idaho wrote me recently to tell me about a company which sells three or four layer food storage bags which can be sealed using a conventional iron.  This type of packaging may be especially useful in humid climates.  I wondered whether I should buy some in order to provide additional protection for medical supplies like gauze.

These are a variety of sized food storage bags as shown and sold on the
              One of the nicest things about this type of storage is that these bags can be opened and resealed.
This is a link to all of their pictures as to how to seal these bags:

 In addition, this is a cheaper way in which to store many of your supplies.  Once packaged and sealed with an oxygen absorbed inside,  this packaging will keep many things fresh for years. 

  These bags are constructed from:
  • Polyester - Yes, like polyester fabric used in making clothing. In this case, it is formed into a film. It makes the bag strong and puncture resistant.
  • Aluminum foil - Well we all know what aluminum foil is. This helps make the bag a high barrier container. Like an aluminum can.
  • Bi-axially oriented Nylon - Also like Nylon fabric. Made into a film that is heated and stretched to make it stronger. An example would be "Mylar balloons".  99% of "Mylar balloons" are actually Nylon with with a thin coating of aluminum. And like the polyester helps to make the bag stronger.
  • Linear low density polyethylene - This is the same thing of which milk jugs are made. This is on the inside and what is melted when you seal the bag. Even "Mylar" bags have a thin layer of this so they can be sealed. "Mylar" will not stick to itself without help.
The order, outside to in of the composite is, Polyester, Aluminum foil, Nylon,Polyethylene.
Oh and by the way if this sounds scary. Here is something to ease your mind. Military M.R.E. packaging is made the same way. And our bags are completely recyclable. Put them in your plastic recycling.

   Please take a look at this product, perhaps send for a sample, and let me know what you think.  I have everything stored at the moment, but I plan to store some of my consumable medical supplies this way. This might be a great way to store dry cat food or dry dog food, pasta, spaghetti, gluten free pastas, flour, ground cornmeal, or even sugar.
    This might even be a great way to store and protect household documents before putting them in your Harvard Document bag.

Most of your questions could be answered here:


russell1200 said...

I see you reference

Do you get your supplies online, or buy them locally. A lot of these items are bulky enough, I would rather not go online, but local sources - even in a major urban area - can be hard to discover.

JaneofVirginia said...

Whenever I can, I like to get things in a store. I like to see them, touch them, see what I think, and many times, make a better deal that I could on the internet. Unfortunately, I can make good local deals for food, medical supplies, welding supplies,ammo and weapons, mechanics goods, hardware, and building supplies, but not always great deals for food storage supplies. I do buy things online, especially when they are on sale. We always tend to give housewarming, birthday, and even baby gifts, which are preparedness oriented. I think in the beginning, friends and relatives thought it was a bit weird. Now, people seem to be thrilled with our kits as Christmas gifts. I can't think of everyone we have purchased from, but I have bought things from Augason Farms, Sam's Club online, Emergency Essentials, and others.

Jeff Hardy said...

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