Thursday, March 29, 2012

On Radon Remediation

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As you have been following our family's journey after the August earthquake, you may remember that we now have a higher radon level in our finished basement, than is desirable. This next week, work begins to remediate the radon issues. Once again, elevated radon levels in a basement or home for a few weeks or even months may not be much of an issue, but sustained levels above 4 picacuries per liter can significantly contribute to lung cancer risk over time. So, without losing our minds, learning to measure correctly, and learning about remediation is in order. Whether you decide to take actions which remediate your own radon, or whether you hire a contractor to aid you, it is absolutely essential that you obtain and read this excellent book. This book alone may help you to do your own remediation. If it doesn't, and you hire someone, your knowledge base, after reading it, will make you much more resistant to being conned by a less than scrupulous contractor. It will also help you to makes the best decisions about radon abatement, and yes, you do have choices !

The book that I think is the absolutely most valuable, easy to understand and well written is: "Protecting Your Home from Radon" Second Edition By D.L. Kladder, Dr. J.F. Burkhart, S.R. Jelinek,   Publisher: Colorado Vintage Companies The book can be purchased at a discount for about $36.00 through Amazon, or by going to this link:

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