Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Magnitude 7.4 Quake in Southwestern Mexico

The location of todays earthquake (photo: The Associated Press)

            Today a 7.4 earthquake occurred east of Acapulco, Mexico.    Thus far, damage reports are claiming that at least one government building in Mexico City is damaged. Officials in Guerrero say that 800 homes near the epicenter have been damaged.   We do not have the full information or the full story yet.  There are some reports of fractures and injuries to human beings.   There have also been several strong aftershocks, one at 5.3.  Most of the effects are being felt in Southwestern Mexico and near the Pacific Coast.   Miraculously, there have been no reports of deaths.
              We are continuing to see quakes all over the world.  The "Ring of Fire", The San Madrid fault, and many others are showing signs of intermittent seismic activity.   It is simply wise, wherever you are to structure an emergency plan, an evacuation plan, and be prepared to shelter in place, or evacuate, wherever you live.

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