Sunday, March 25, 2012

Another 3.1 Earthquake

                 We were all tucked in with everyone asleep, when once again, some pretty substantial shaking occurred at our home.   Everyone got up and came in to see how bad we thought this one was.   We all decided it had to be at least a 3.   It wasn't long until the USGS noted it as a 3.1 with an epicenter in an adjacent county.   Interestingly, our radon levels from our continuous radon sampling unit have been higher than we believed they would be.  It's too early to state that from this location, there is an elevation of radon levels prior to a quake or aftershock.  We need more data.
                 Now, to relax and get back to sleep   With all the wineries and the earthquakes, Central Virginia is beginning to feel like California !    I have a busy day tomorrow, and don't much want to spend more time looking for damage.

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