Saturday, July 16, 2016

Why Happenings in Turkey Matter


(Photo: Tech. Sgt. William Gomez/Air Force)

   I know that many of you are wondering why I have not covered the tragedy in France, yet I am discussing the happenings in Turkey.  America is hearing plenty regarding the egregious attack on Nice which cost the lives of 84 people, 10 of them children, and injured 200. Many of these are still in critical condition. A lot of damage can be done with a nineteen ton refrigerator truck. Although my condolences go to France and the people of Nice, this is being covered by mainstream news. and the right information about Turkey may not be.

              Turkey is a member of NATO, and its Incirlik airbase is an important strategic location for us for operations which take place in the Middle East, especially against ISIS. It is a key staging area for attacks against the "so called Islamic State".  Instability in Turkey translates to fewer friends and less cooperation for us in the MIddle East. It also translates to more opportunities for ISIS.

               The coup yesterday was serious because it shakes stability of the region.  It's failure is also peculiar, despite the fact that Mr. Obama supports Erdogan.

              Today, one day after the failed coup attempt, news reports are indicating that Turkey has closed air space over its Incirlik Air Base effectively grounding US planes. All US military personnel are confined to the base.  Sadly, the stop in attacks against ISIS may allow the group to regroup.

             Furthermore, according to the Military Times, all US dependents currently in Turkey have been ordered to leave. This will impact at least seven hundred spouses and children.  I have also just heard that outside electricity to the Incirlik base has been cut.

              Please pray for stability for the region and safety for those embroiled in it. 

Update:  As of late July 17th, American operations at the Incirlik Air Base have resumed.