Saturday, July 16, 2016

Turkey's Coup Has Failed

This is Friday night in Turkey.  This picture was taken by and is the property of REUTERS

       This is an update following yesterdays post concerning the coup in Turkey.  Both of the individuals I know in Turkey are safe.

                   According to BBC News, the coup in Turkey against Erdogan's government, has failed. More than 2800 soldiers including many high ranking have been arrested. One hundred and sixty one people have been killed and one thousand four hundred and forty have been injured. Erdogan is very likely to begin executing senior staff.   The official word is that the group that started the coup is unknown, however Erdogan rightly or wrongly believes a Muslim cleric Fethulah Gulen, a US based but powerful cleric is responsible. Others speculate that Russia thinks Erdogan has been in power too long.

                    Turkey is deeply divided and polarized over Erdogan's transformation of Turkey from a secular state to an Islamic one, and also over spillover from the Syrian war.  This is likely not to be the last coup in Turkey.