Friday, July 15, 2016

Prayers for Those in Turkey

 This post was written at 5 pm this date

  I have information from one of the people I know who is in the area that a coup is going on in Turkey.   There is shooting in the streets. Bank transactions are halted and ATMs don't work.  Aircraft and helicopters are in the sky.  Erdogan is attempting to flee by getting to and leaving from Attaturk Airport.   TRT Television is announcing a coup statement.  Soldiers are said to have taken the guns of the police.  The latest information is that Erdogan's party, the HQ AKP is surrounded.  Martial Law has been imposed and no one is permitted to leave Turkey.  The announcement from TRT television says, "
The President & government representatives have betrayed the country, created an autocracy, made legal system unworkable"

    The last entry I have received is that Erdogan has been detained.  Although this is said to be true, he is talking to CNN via telephone. He claims to be in Marmaris and he also claims still to be in control.

Although there is martial law, the borders are not yet closed. Erdogan is seeking asylum in Germany.  As of 6:30pm Eastern Standard time, his request has been denied.

UPDATE:    In the days which followed, none of the material posted above was found to be true, and yet it was announced.