Tuesday, July 12, 2016

More UN Trucks Rolling Through the American South

     Some time ago I discussed the UN armored vehicles which are occasionally being seen being transported on flat bed trucks along highways in various regions of the American South.  At the time, I did some research and found that the Pitbull VX styled armored cars were manufactured by Alpine Armoring in Herndon,Virginia which may have explained why we were seeing them on Interstate 81 in Virginia.

      This week, sightings occurred in both Virginia and Georgia and I did the research again.  This time, a law enforcement friend showed me this.  This is true. The present administration has linked us up to the UN Police Force.  The armored trucks we are seeing are indeed likely intended for use on American soil, as we had feared.


In this link, Loretta Lynch says that the Obama administration has entered a global police force partnership with the United Nations.  Under the structure of their agreement, approval from Congress is unnecessary.  
This is a mode by which guns could be seized and actions contrary to our Constitution could be taken.

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