Friday, July 15, 2016

Introducing Drumi by Yirego

This is Drumi, the foot powered washing machine.

                I don't yet have one of these, but I am excited about getting one.  I wanted to make all of you aware of it.  Once I get one, I will post a full review of the device.


                Drumi is a manual washing machine which washes five pounds of clothing, baby clothing, underwear, the days clothing, etc.  It uses a modest amount of water, soap, and in provides a ten minute leg work out as you pump the pedal in order to make it spin.  The US price is only $239.00 for the green device and presently the same price for one in silve rtone.   There is also a more expensive double sized device.

                       Drumi by Yirego was originally developed for those in third world countries who might not have access to the infrastructure and electricity necessary to do laundry other than hand washing.  However, this has multiple uses for almost everyone.  This is useful for preppers and most other people so that we may do laundry during power outages.  This is also helpful to people with babies because sometimes you must do laundry, but don't really have an entire load for a standard machine.  If you are a family without a washing machine, a Drumi will help to prevent some of those trips to the laundromat. You could conceivably go less often. 
                      Drumi is recommended for personal clothing, but is not large enough to do bed sheets and therefore it is not recommended for that purpose.   Each load requires only 2.6 gallons of water, which translates to ten liters.  It takes about ten minutes to run an entire load. The manufacturer says that it's about three minutes for a wash, two minutes for a rinse and one minute for a spin.  When finished, you release a lever which drains the water.  After spinning, the clothes are damp and should be hung to dry.

                     The Drumi is both compact and portable.  You could take one on vacation because it's only twenty pounds. You could take one camping.  You could keep one in the house for power outages.  This could be the best family new baby gift out there.  It is an excellent addition to your bug out location, or to a summer cottage.

                      The company who makes this item says you can use any detergent, however I would recommend one that is not too super sudsy.  I like Woolite or a generic substitute for Woolite for my handwashing and for portable washing machines for preppers.

                      One can order one now for an anticipate early 2017 delivery.  If you aren't thrilled, you can return the item for 100% money refund within the first 30 days.    I cannot wait to get one !