Thursday, June 16, 2016

Layered Tragedies for Orlando

Orlando, Florida

        One of my closest and dearest friends lives in Orlando. Why have I not mentioned the layered tragedies there this week ?  First, a young woman who was a favorite on The Voice was signing autographs there, and was shot to death while signing autographs after her concert. Her brother tackled the assailant preventing the deaths of many, but mainstream media will not tell you that.  Second, a young Muslim, born in the US, who had a long history of raising red flags for employers, friends, ex-spouses, and schools, shot to death 49 people in a bar, and injured a bit more than 50 more.  Six of the injured remain in critical condition with more deaths anticipated.  Twice the FBI had investigated him for potential terroristic threats. A police department to which he had applied to work also called Homeland Security about his behavior, and yet, the system did not work in order to protect the people who happened to be in that bar in Orlando that night.
The third tragedy that happened in Orlando this week is that a two year old boy who was visiting Disneyworld with his parents and siblings was snatched from the edge of the lagoon by an alligator. His father was injured while trying to get him back. A number of alligators were euthanized and their stomach contents examined while the specific alligator was located.  Meanwhile, the child's body was found.  A Canadian and a British couple have reported to other news groups that their own children were almost snatched there in the weeks that preceded.  Why would alligators be kept within reach of small children at a family park ?

          Our president may not admit that militant Islamists are at war with the west and specifically with the United States. Of course, most Americans realize that most Muslims here are decent people who just wish to raise families here. However, a militant extreme subgroup of Islamists exists and wishes to create as much death and mayhem as possible here in the US.  Not to admit this truth is not to have an operational and successful plan to battle these anticipated series of attacks.  Look at France which has weathered a series of attacks in the last few years. Such attacks are here now as illegals from the Middle East come through the Mexican border to us illegally and disappear in our nation. Intelligence analysts tell us there are likely to be many many sleeper sells waiting to activate this entire month of Ramadan.


         Our government has not listened to its citizenry in almost eight years. All we can do is obtain concealed weapons permits if we are permitted to in our region by law, and train to be the safest and most reliable shot possible. This is not where the responsibility ends. We must also make sure we are trained well enough to hold on to that weapon if we are ever rushed by an attacker.  We must also keep our children and criminals from gaining access to the weapon. We must protect against accidental discharge of the weapon while cleaning, carrying or maintaining it.   We should absolutely avoid any location which is a gun free zone where we are sitting ducks.   We must train dispassionately for the day when a militant Islamist or other active shooter tries a mass shooting in our own midst.  We must be able to grab our weapon, vanquish the threat he is causing by pumping several rounds into the largest part of his body. We must know enough about our weapon and ammo and be practiced enough NOT to endanger bystanders while we are vanquishing the shooter. Then we must remove his weapon from him, notify police, and render aid to those who have been shot until ambulances arrive.   You notice I did not call them first responders, because WE are the first responders.   This is a large responsibility and a crushing one, but I assure you, it is ours.   The choice is to prepare for such a day now, or stand helplessly as you and your children are gunned down at a birthday dinner at Chipotle or similar restaurant.  Think about this.  We may not be able to catch each nut with radical Islamist thought disorders. However, we can make sure that at any location he might choose that ten of fifty people are licensed, trained and ready to vanquish a mad dog such as he.