Thursday, June 16, 2016

A Politician is Murdered in a Place You Might Not Expect

Jo Cox   Labour Party Member of Parliament


     The next time that someone tells you that the US "is the only place in the civilized world where murders are taking place in the street", don't believe it.

                 Today, forty one year old British politician  Jo Cox, was killed after meeting constituents in the street at a planned event. She tends to have such meetings almost weekly.   Jo Cox had worked hard on behalf of immigration and on encouraging Brits to remain in the European Union.   Tempers are high in England with the Brexit vote coming.   A 52 year old man grabbed her by the hair, yelled at her, stabbed her, kicked her, and when bystanders intervened, witnesses say he shot her with a firearm.   Yes, in England where no one has one, and even the police are only issued one if they are special police and it's an unusual circumstance.  The assailant was apparently upset concerning Jo Coxes efforts to admit so many culturally and ethnically diverse people into England that he felt it was threatening Britain's cultural identity.  He was shouting "Britain First !" as he attacked, according to bystanders.

                Jo Cox was the wife of Brandon and the mother of two young children, a precious little boy and a girl.    I don't share her politics, but no one deserves to be attacked in the street while they are doing their job. Jo Cox has been an MP only for about a year, and was very highly regarded.  The assailant has a long history of mental illness, and  is fortunate that Britain has no death penalty presently.