Tuesday, June 14, 2016

A Trip to Gander Mountain

This is the store in Chesterfield, Missouri, but it looks a lot like the one I visited this week.

           For those of you who read this blog from another nation other than the US, Gander Mountain is not a mountain in the Blue Ridge west of Shenendoah National Forest.  Gander Mountain is a store chain which sells quality outdoor clothing, upscale camping gear, archery, camping, fishing, boating supplies and much more.  The boots and shoe collection is quite impressive.  They also sell a number of Liberty and other brands of safes.  They also sell a broad range of firearms both new and used, and absolutely everything that goes with them. Yes, they have a computer system which is connected to the Virginia State Police so that all of the requisite background checks can be done prior to gun purchases. Only Virginia residents may buy guns here and they too must endure the required checks.

           My husband took our sons to an action movie I would rather have skipped this weekend, and so I found myself with a few hours with nothing particularly pressing to do.  I decided to go to a couple of the places I never have a chance to stop in when I'm out with family or otherwise chugging to the next destination. Gander Mountain was one of those.

          I hadn't intended to spend two hours there, but somehow I did.   There was quite a bit of nice outdoor clothing including some cargo pants I looked at for my sons, but decided I also wanted for myself someday as well.  They had exquisitely made cargo pants in a variety of sizes and colors for $29.99.    Next, I spent some time looking through some of the clearance racks.  Then, I stopped to look at quality backpacks, push packs, and range bags.   Eventually I found my way to the great selection of handguns and rifles.  I was surprised to see such a large collection of quality used weapons including a fairly large collection of Sig Sauer.
           They also had one of the broadest collections of ammunition I have seen anywhere. Whether you need 7 mm, of 22 LR they had some.   I really enjoyed the really large section of all types of safes, and accessories that would help you organize one, whatever the size.  If you have a chance, take a gander at Gander Mountain. Pun intended.