Sunday, June 26, 2016

A Perspective on Brexit

With its sovereignty back, I look for Britain to do better in the future.


       In prior posts I have lobbied in favor of Brexit.  Before you rail at me for being an American with an opinion on Brexit, let me say that my mother died a British subject and  that our family lived in England for stretches of my youth and for parts of my education.  Until fairly recently, we had relatives there who frequently discussed the ongoing politics, problems and the geopolitical landscape there.  I am an American, but I still care for the home of some of my ancestors.

            I was very pleased to hear that the British people had voted to exit the European Union.   How could one possibly be pleased about receiving 40% of one's laws from Brussels ?   Britain had sold its sovereignty and the quality of life in Britain has been deteriorating significantly for some time.

            As for the fears that Brexit will adversely impact everything from the world economy to intelligence gathering, I will say this.

1. Britain never abandoned the British pound sterling.  The fifth largest economy in the world still has its own currency, and still has its own banks.  After a period of adjustment which will include a transitory decrease in the value of the pound against other currencies, there will be a recovery.  Britain will go on to steer its own ship for the betterment of its people.

2. Britain's intelligence services is legendary.  Information on terrorism will still be obtained and shuttled to the correct authorities. They will still communicate with Interpol and Europol. Why wouldn't they ?  Terrorism adversely impacts everyone.

3. With 340 million pounds a year staying home rather than going to the EU in taxes, perhaps the failing National Health Service will see some of that money.

     Scotland's leaders are now seeking an additional referendum so that their citizens have an opportunity to consider remaining in the EU.  They should think again.  It might not be there long.

        This could indeed start the death knell for the European Union.  Yesterday, Marine LePen, of the far right party was calling for a referendum in order to give the French the option of departing from the EU.   There are groups in the Netherlands and in Germany who also wish to abandon the EU.

        The reality is that the world's people's dislike receiving directions from a central body.  They dislike their money going to unseen groups, particularly in large sums to refugees who are seeking better economic pastures, often at their own expense.

        Perhaps after a period of adjustment, the end of both the European Union and the European Central Bank will benefit the people.

A simplified version, not my own, which came to me via Linkedin.