Sunday, June 19, 2016

Last Chance for Brexit


The queen supports Brexit

    Angele Merkel's Europe is delusional.  It seems to think that it has unlimited funds with which to accept hundreds of thousands of Muslim refugees from Afghanistan, Syria, Libya and anywhere else.  In many places in Europe, the 2008 economic crash has left many unemployed and even more people, particularly the young, underemployed.  Many of them will never be able to marry, have children and support a family, unless they try to do so in their own bedrooms in their parent's homes.  England operates under a similar delusion. All over England, the elderly survivors of WWII watch their pensions cut under austerity. My own aunt lay on her own kitchen floor in London for twelve hours before an ambulance came to take her to a hospital, despite the fact that her primary physician knew she was extremely ill.  Austerity cut their pensions and the assistance to British people, while Muslim immigrants receive free council housing, free groceries, a clothing allowance, free education,free health care and free medication.  There are reasons families are taking unreasonable risks to get to England. I am not opposed to aid for people who need it, regardless of their religion. I am however, opposed to long term highly unbalanced aid to refugees as is presently the case. Muslim refugees aren't the only people on the British gravy train. People from many other countries are presently on welfare rolls while some elderly homeless Brits sleep in London in cardboard boxes.

            England has been a limited member of the European Union. It chose to keep its currency of the British pound sterling.  In the last few years, many British people have wondered if perhaps decisions made in the continent of Europe are hurting their nation.  Later this month there will be a vote as to whether Britain leaves the European Union.  As an American, I do not have a vote. However, as a person eligible for British subject status, I have an opinion on the matter which I will share here.  I support Britain's exit from the European Union.  With so many connections and rules coming from Europe, when hard times and economic collapses come, it will be impossible for corrections to be made on the part of individual nations. All nations will experience economic failures by virtue of their inflexible ties to one another. When one falls they all do, rather than one nation being able to help another in times of economic strife.

             I have no doubt that Jo Cox, a graduate of Cambridge University, and a Member of Parliament for the past year, is a decent person and a loving wife and mother. Her murder by a mentally ill man on a British street is both horrific and devastating.  Mrs. Cox opposed Brexit and she also felt that Britain should continue to accept more refugees.  Until her murder, polling suggested that Britons would likely vote to exit. Now that a supporter of remaining in the European Union has died in such an horrific manner, polls indicate the opposite.

          For a moment, let's decide what is right for England.  Stepping back from the European Union and careful assessment of Britain's resources is in order. With the economic failure of Greece and other nations, it will benefit the whole to have Britain unencumbered by the economic laws of the European Union.

         Let's not allow the death of a politician to sway the public into voting in a manner that is not right for England.  Please, despite the death of Jo Cox, consider carefully a vote for Brexit.

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