Sunday, March 9, 2014

What You Might Do Next


These are Harvard Document Bags. Most families will only require one bag for evacuation emergencies.


  In the last post we discussed tightening our own ships, and I recommended that we might first

1. Contain our expenditures  (shooting for a savings of ten percent over present levels.)
2. Begin storing emergency food that is palatable to your family  (if you haven't been already.)
3. Diversify your savings.
4. Correct known medical or dental issues now.

               The next things I would like to see all families do is

Establish a home medical kit

Fortunately, this is something I have done a lot of prior work on, and in addition to my book Rational Preparedness, you can also see detailed directions at the Rational Preparedness: The Blog  posts I have placed below with links:

Establish a Family Evacuation Kit   which also includes an Evacuation Medical Kit     In medical circles this is also known as a "Go Bag"

Most of the items you need for an evacuation kit can be reasonably obtained from any Super Wal-Mart or a local pharmacy if you don't have one of these.

Unusual medical items can be obtained through:

  I have been asked to provide some alternative medical options from natural sources.   These can be helpful but are of limited value in true emergencies.

 Sunshine Brewer has written some articles on plant medicine:

Keep in mind that our soils in different parts of the country and the world are different, and therefore plants grown in these areas may have broadly differing amounts of active ingredients, so proceed with care.

Gather, Protect and Store Essential Family Documents

This is incredibly important, and I devoted an entire chapter to it in my book on preparedness.

This is a link that will get you moving in the right direction:

              I will revisit this series, and continue this list again soon.


lotta joy said...

When we moved, I had everything SO organized. Then I got lazy. I took all my important papers to the bank lockbox.

JaneofVirginia said...

LJ, If you have enough space in your bank box then this can be a good place to store things, so long as the key and access to it is unimpaired should you need to leave town quickly in an emergency. Keeping copies of essential papers in files at home is also a good idea. Thanks for posting ! LOVE your garden !

BBC said...

I'm covered, carry on....

Linda said...

If I had to leave in an emergency, the bank might not be open. They allowed one person at a time into the bank when there was no electricity in the whole town. One teller station was open. I wonder if the locks to the room containing safety boxes even worked.

JaneofVirginia said...

A few years ago when the Bank of America safe deposit boxes rose in price, I bought a safe. I keep the important papers in a fireproof safe now. However, a fine quality safe can take some time to get into, and takes some practice to get into quickly or during an emergency. This is another altenative.
Keep in mind though that once your most important papers are in even a fire proof safe in your home, that fire can still destroy them. Consider having important papers scanned and on a disc, perhaps in a safe deposit box as a back up. Thanks for posting.

JaneofVirginia said...

Good job !