Monday, March 3, 2014

Terrorism is Still Deadly Without Guns

Investigators working the scene  (Photo: AFP Getty Images)

            The next time someone from the Obama administration talks about collecting the guns "so that we can have safety from domestic terrorism", I want everyone to recall what happened this weekend in China.  At least 29 people were killed and 130 or more wounded when ten Muslim Separatists attacked people with knives,  in a Southwestern Chinese city at a railway station in Kunming.   The ten Muslim separatists were ultimately shot to death in the melee by Chinese Security Forces.   Amazing !   Muslims, in this case, with a radical agenda of separatism from China killed and maimed innocent people with absolutely no access to guns themselves.  In fact, guns were what ended the melee. This attack is being referred to as "China's 9-11'.

                  I will not dignify the act of these Chinese Muslims by discussing their desires here.  I will say that guns in the hands of those who are mentally well can act as a deterrent to acts of domestic terrorism with guns or with knives.  The removal of guns from a culture will certainly not prevent acts such as these, and could actually promote some of them.

                  Of those 130 who were injured, more deaths are anticipated, as many of them remain in an unstable and critical condition.

                 To those in China who were touched by this horrible cowardly act, you have my sincere condolences.

Regarding this massacre:


Sunnybrook Farm said...

Only the law abiding will give up their guns, the rest of us will be rebels. I suspect that they will have as much success confiscating our guns as they did with the Viet Cong.

JaneofVirginia said...

They could be as successful at eradicating weapons as the government was at eradicating liquor during prohibition !

Mamma Bear said...

In 2010 and 2012 there were knife attacks in China and I think they were both elementary schools. I remember the last one wounded 22 children. I think a regulation was introduced (don't know if it was passed) that involved having to show their national ID card when purchasing a large knife. I don't know when all governments are going to realize it is the person holding a weapon who kills. Not the weapon. A weapon can be anything if killing is ones intent.

JaneofVirginia said...

I remember that discussion in China, and I also don't know if it passed. England was considering the same thing. A belt, a string, or even a sharpened pencil can all be exceedingly dangerous in the hands of someone who wishes to wreak havoc or kill. The rest of us will be left with only wooden spoons with which to eat if restrictions to "dangerous items" continue. Everything has the potential to be dangerous, if misused. Thanks for posting, Mamma Bear.