Tuesday, March 4, 2014

A Cornerstone Going Out of Business

Christopher DeCapri of Capris Jewelers  (Photo: www.timesdispatch.com )


          I have lived in Central Virginia now for twenty-five years.  For a period of time we have used one particular jeweler for repairs, and for written appraisals.  A trustworthy jeweler is important. They can not only check engagement rings to ensure that the setting is not becoming loose, but they can maintain and repair pieces that you wear every day.   I inherited a couple of pieces, and a proper evaluation is important in terms of knowing what the piece really is, and whether it's valuable or not.  It's important to know whether a piece can be worn or should live in the safe deposit box, or should simply be sold outright.  This jeweler also bought estate pieces, and so a good jeweler can be important in terms of giving you the best price should you urgently wish to sell a piece of jewelry, to pay a large unanticipated bill, or even if you wish to sell in order to leave the country.   Good jewelry in a bank vault near the jeweler as a quick cash as part of your US departure plan is only as good as the jeweler who would give you what the piece is worth.  Selling jewelry to a pawn shop instead will usually only provide a fraction of the pieces genuine value.

         Today I received an e-mail that the jeweler I have used for all this time is closed until they can identify the best way to liquidate their remaining three million dollars worth of inventory. They plan to open in a few days one day for loyal customers and we will be given 70% off  just that day.
          A poor economy generally thins the businesses which aren't very good.  This failing economy which has led to the Depression of the Digital Age is now decimating the businesses which were reliable and helpful to families.

        So, the doctors offices are closing. Post offices are closing.  Insurance companies are closing.   Small grocery stores are closing, and now a family run in-it-for-the-long-haul jeweler is closing.  The schools and the hospitals can't be far behind.  Thank you Obama regime. I suppose the regime will simply applaud that all these employees will now have unlimited time with their children and grandchildren, while they all starve.

UPDATE:  Chris DeCapri, pictured above, died at 51 In February, 2013. He had been battling some complex medical problems.  His passing may have been part of the impetus to close the store, as he was indeed the driving force behind it.