Friday, March 7, 2014

Just One of the Reasons I Love Canada


   Yesterday, Canada expelled a number of Russian soldiers it had been training in a friendly cooperative exchange which is more common between large nations than you might think.    The Russian soldiers were told that they had twenty four hours to leave Canada.  Six of them were being trained in Quebec by Canadian forces, and one of them had been teaching Russian to Canadian troops.

    This was in response to Russia's invasion of the Crimea which Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper says is  all planned bilateral activities between the Canadian Armed Forces and the military of the Russian Federation are suspended, including  NORAD's Exercises.
  Harper additionally said the government of Canada would not recognize the results of a referendum in Crimea on whether to join Russia because the region is “currently under illegal military occupation" and therefore can't possibly make an unbiased selection.  Lawmakers in Crimea voted unanimously Thursday to leave Ukraine and join Russia. They have scheduled a referendum for March 16 so voters can weigh in on the decision.  This vote was furthur denounced by the international community. Harper has also saidRussia’s invasion into the Crimean peninsula is “an act of aggression, a clear violation of Ukraine’s sovereignty, and of international law.

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 I love Canada.   No soppy special interest groups, no fuzzy morality, no Obama.  (There is a less than stellar, long wait and patchy National Health Service though.)   I wish Canada would let me live there permanently.  Unfortunately for me, they have a functional and highly effective immigration system and will deport Americans who overstay their time there.  I wish the US wasn't fuzzy on this point.


Mamma Bear said...

Good for them...nice to know a country which adjoins ours has some sense.

Gorges Smythe said...

Yes, but they suck up to muslims almost as bad as the US and they have stricter gun control than us.

JaneofVirginia said...

They have sense on many things, but of course not all. Thanks for posting.

JaneofVirginia said...

I haven't yet seen any Muslims in Nova Scotia, but of course, that could change. They are NO handguns in Canada unless you are an active police officer, although if you'll jump some hoops, you can get a hunting rifle. Rifles are never to be used for self defense though, only for hunting and defending people against wolves or something. The reality is that nowhere is perfect. LOL

David said...

I too could find a lot to like about Canada, but the gun control there would be a deal killer. The school systems have many of the same problems as ours, too.

JaneofVirginia said...

I probably give an unfair advantage to Canada. We are Americans who are part timers in Canada. We have a place in Nova Scotia. It is actually unfair to compare the experience of vacationing in NS with living, receiving health care, and paying most of our taxes to the US. We realize that we see a more idyllic view of life in Canada, than perhaps really exists, if one lived there fulltime. (For one thing, the mandatory recycling probably takes a day a week of your life !)
As for owning guns, in Canada you cannot own handguns as a normal citizen. However, in rural areas you can own rifles for hunting, though the law does not permit you to use them for self defense against human beings. We do not have access to any rifles when we are there, which could be a problem because coyotes, huge wolves, and very large wildlife of all kinds are more numerous than people. A couple of years ago, a young woman in her twenties was mauled to death by wolves while jogging in a Nova Scotia park. As beautiful as the area is, there are indeed hazards in life everywhere.