Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Questions from Foreign Lands


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 Because I agreed to have this blog translated into many languages, I get a lot of questions asking for clarification about subjects I have discussed on the blog.    Certainly, computerized translation leaves things to be desired, and this may be one reason that the full intent of some of my posts might not be clear.  I do get a lot of unusual questions, mostly from foreign lands, and I can only think that there are differences between how some things are done in the US and Canada and how they might be done elsewhere.  Still, it is important to share.  I have learned many things that have been abundantly useful to me from many nations other than my own,and I hope I have at least occasionally, I have brought something of interest or of use to you.

Question # 1:    Who controls or chooses what you talk about on your blog ?

          I do.  The adult woman on the sidebar right selects the topics, chooses the links  used, and makes the commentaries in the body of the post itself.

   Perhaps you meant,  where do I get the ideas for my posts ?

           Sometimes a friend has asked me something or suggests I make a post on a particular topic, like oxygen absorbers, repairs of vinyl siding, etc.   Sometimes it's something I have had to research for personal reasons and then after all the research, I have chosen to share what I have learned.  Sometimes, I have been reading some articles about something that has concerned or frightened me, and then I know it's something I should talk about here. This was the case with the series on self defense.   The series on envenomation injuries and dangerous spiders in North America came as a result of my being treated for hemolytic anemia in the aftermath of a brown recluse spider bite, early one Spring when I was bitten at the back of one leg while driving.

Question #2 :      In your country, are you not worried that you will be in trouble for criticizing your government ?

            That is a great question.   Compared to many other blogs which are much more political than my own, my comments regarding my worries for my country are comparatively tame.   I would hope that the attention of computer based intelligence analysts would be focused on others with more unusual views than my own.   I was audited by the IRS a couple of years ago, and I did comment that each time I made a mildly negative comment concerning our federal government, I received another letter from the IRS.  This may well have been coincidental. Let's hope so.
            The United States used to have freedom of speech which was designed to support the exchange of differing ideas about everything from education to government spending.  The free exchange of ideas is supposed to be how our system is to work.

Question # 3:    Have the young men missing from Virginia Commonwealth University ever been found ?

           No,  Jonny Dorey has never been located, alive or otherwise.

Ian Burnet, who was attending VCU, and who disappeared during a trip to New York City, has also never been located.

If you are out of the country, please take a look at these links and see if you have seen them anywhere.

This is a page from another blog of mine:    



Information on Ian Burnet:



   In addition, a young woman who did not attend VCU but who disappeared from college in Bloomington, Indiana, and is named Lauren Spierer also remains missing.

            Thanks for the questions.  Best wishes to you, wherever you are.



Tewshooz said...

Coincidence? Heh.

JaneofVirginia said...

It was interesting. I hope they have more important things to do rather than send letters regarding audits to bloggers.