Wednesday, June 26, 2013

A Review on Housing Animals

A shed row barn can be less expensive to have built and can house horses, goats, alpacas, chickens or ducks, or dogs.  Consider your alternatives carefully.

   In difficult times, those of us who have the space may need to grow food or keep different types of animals for different reasons.   Chickens produce eggs, and can be used for meat.  Rabbits can be raised for meat.  Goats can provide milk, cheese, or meat, depending upon the variety.  Horses can be transportation either through being ridden themselves, or by pulling a cart.  Horses, donkeys, and other animals can also pull certain types of plows.   A horse or a donkey can also make it possible to patrol a property almost silently, which is something a vehicle simply cannot do.  A Shetland pony can be a great pack animal and can walk a great distance with you the operator holding a lead line.  Some alpacas and some llamas can also be sure footed pack animals depending upon what you need to carry.

For this reason I want to review some thing:

This is one of my earlier posts on fencing for animals and security:

A fencing alternative:

Corral panels as fencing, both for fencing post evacuations and if anchored, for regular use:

This is a post on different types of augers which can make the fence post setting part of the task of fencing, much easier:

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  The very best security system to your home and for your property is a dog or dogs.  They also, when selected carefully and given some training, can be excellent guards for certain livestock.
These are posts on dogs and on dog housing:

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Most of us will never know the loyalty a dog shows us, from another human being.

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                Animals not only can help us to feed our families and to keep us alive, but they can help provide security, and in some cases, they can rescue us.   They also can be remarkable family members who can help us to understand many of God's lessons concerning loyalty, unconditional love, and devotion which are so well modeled by them.

 Cats can be very helpful in terms of keeping vermin down, especially on farms.

Sweet kittens

       Don't wait too long before considering the role of animals in your life, and considering housing for them.

Make room for whatever animals have a place in your own life.   Thanks for reading !


russell1200 said...

Last I checked, my son was still planning to bring back dinosaurs. Hopefully they'll only be chicken sized raptors, and all I'll need is a coup. I wonder if raptors crow at sunrise?

Gorges Smythe said...

Good post. I get disgusted by the numbers of people who have animals, but no protection for them.

Sandy said...


Thank you for providing the housing information and reference to several previous posts. I've read specifically the one regarding chickens. Hubby and I are researching and putting a proposal together for our landlord to possibly get chickens. I would really like to be able to harvest eggs and later meat. I don't think we will be getting 100 or even 50, possibly 5 or 10.

JaneofVirginia said...

Russell, Some of the sounds chickens make sound just like those we imagine dinosaurs to sound. Thank Heaven chickens are the size they are !

JaneofVirginia said...

I understand that people are concerned that animal housing can be expensive, however if you look at the ideal, you can often pinch hit with less expensive materials found at Lowe's. Also a five chickens can be housed fairly inexpensively and can be quite safe. Thanks for your post, Gorges.

JaneofVirginia said...

Five or ten hens and possibly one rooster is reasonable for most rural properties. Some of the smaller coops are just fine. I love having fresh eggs daily.

BBC said...

Shoot, I could live in a building like that, my place is just 12X15 feet.

I'm getting too damn old to care about a lot of this anymore as long as there is still a few fast food places in town.

Me thinks I'm going to die with a bunch of food that is ten years old and a bunch of ammo I didn't get to shoot at deserving sons a bitches.

JaneofVirginia said...

Yes, I could definitely live in some of the structures I have for animals. I think that's part of it. If there is another earthquake or a reason we can't occupy the house for a period of time, it's unlikely that the barns, the garage, probably not the kennel because it's noisy when we are in there, could be temporarily used by human beings.
If you buy Augason Farms food, a lot of the freeze dried is good for 25 years in the everyday can, or the #10 for larger families. I may actually own food that outlives me ! LOL

BBC said...

Shit, the butter I used camping last weekend may outlive me, it was only green around the edges. :-)

JaneofVirginia said...

Old butter doesn't turn green ! It just melts or solidifies. I know this because I lived in England before everyone had a refrigerator !

BBC said...

Excuse me, margarine, I'm a cheap bastard and can't afford butter.