Thursday, June 27, 2013

Your Day Can't be Worse than Edward Snowden's

Shermeteyevo International Airport within some miles of Moscow.  It's been cleaned up since I last spent memorable hours theere.

     I don't know whether I believe the Russians on this.  They claim that Edward (Scissorhands) Snowden is hanging out at Moscow's Sheremeteyevo Airport.   I have spent time at that airport, eight hours in layovers twice, I recollect.   It's an interesting place if you are not exhausted.   The restaurants have an abundance of lots of different types of food, but the water had dark bits floating in it.   The ice cream sold by the vendor was very good.   There are an abundance of people who grab your luggage seeking to drive you into Moscow proper, whether you have made arrangements with others or not.   The official Moscow airports both domestic and international are quite a distance from Moscow proper because the authorities thought that having planes land with iced wings in a major metropolitan area was foolish.  I agree with that assessment.  I really hope someone is letting him leave the airport to sleep as there is nowhere in the airport safe to do so.

                   Meanwhile, Ecuador is madder than heck.  Edward Snowden has applied for asylum, and while Ecuador considers whether they could accept this person, the Obama administration is said to have bullied them.  While Snowden applies for asylum, Obama is still running the asylum here at home.  This prompted Ecuador to announce today that they are ending trade ties with the United States.  Ecuador says this is a matter of sovreignty and they won't be blackmailed into returning Mr. Snowden.  This is unfortunate as Ecuador will lose a great deal of money as a result of not trading with the US, and we will lose wonderful flowers and fruits from Ecuadorean farms.   This is also going to make life difficult for the droves of Americans who have moved to Ecuador recently as they smell a coming financial collapse, and an Obama regime confiscation of a portion of their assets for redistribution, or just for spite.  Chances are, their Ecuadorean neighbors aren't going to be too happy to see them.

                  Back at Shermeteyevo Airport, the dirt and lint is still falling from the metal textured ceiling there and Edward Snowden is having difficulty buying tickets or doing anything.  It seems that the Obama Regime has revoked his passport.   I remember some years ago listening to my mother as she explained why she would never relinquish her British subject status, and her British passport.  She told me that the US could cancel our passports but that England could not.   Hmmmm.   Interesting information given the present circumstances.

                 One thing is clear.  The Obama Regime is earning it's name.  It does not sell solutions to the American people.  It cajoles, coerces, intimidates, forces, and bullies other nations, and  its own citizens. It does this while providing Medicaid health dollars to people who are here illegally and often those who break our laws while they are here.  It's looking for a way to make eleven million illegals, legal here, all while so many people who are legal citizens here haven't had a job in literally,  years.  I hope someone in Congress has a spine sufficient to be drafting plans for impeachment for the disregard of the US Constitution.  Otherwise, things are going to get a lot worse.

                  Today Mr. Obama called Mr. Snowden, "a twenty-nine year old hacker" and tried to diminish his significance.  Well then, give him back his passport and let him move to the nation of his choice. It's one less person on Obamacare, and one fewer person for the NSA and the Mayonnaise Police to monitor.    It's a shame Snowden isn't Muslim.  Then Mr. Obama would have flown out to take him to dinner for lobster and discuss this little misunderstanding.  Perhaps Mr. Snowden could convert.  Then so far as Mr. Obama is concerned, all would be forgiven.

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Gorges Smythe said...

Everything is downhill from now on. I hate it, but I believe it.

JaneofVirginia said...

I still hope that the sacrifices of those before us weren't for a nation that eventually falls into socialism.

David said...

Sadly, impeachment would never make it out of a committee, for there aren't enough spines in Congress to push the issue and it's incredibly hard to make stick anyway. Easier to talk the talk than walk the walk. Besides, Obama has the best insurance possible to survive any attempt at impeachment - his name is Joe Biden.

JaneofVirginia said...

David, I think your thoughts are definitely the conventional wisdom. I do still think we should impeach Mr. Obama, and remove Mr. Biden also. There are so many indications that Mr. Biden has dementia that BOTH of them should be removed. Mr. Obama is the very person who should uphold the Constitution, and yet be bypasses it at every turn. Are we going to allow this regime to destroy our country? Left unchecked, this is how it's going, from an economic, social, and legal standpoint.